Ring wells were used in Mauryan Empire for?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Bathing

(B) Washing clothes

(C) Irrigation

(D) Drainage

Ring wells were used in Mauryan Empire for drainage. The Gangetic plain, which extended into provinces outside the center of the empire, saw the first use of ring wells during the Maurya era. In crowded towns, ring wells are often used as soak pits

Ring Wells in Mauryan Empire

They served as drainage systems or landfills. The ring wells were typically found in separate homes. Archaeological finds from about 2500 years ago revealed spherical buildings made of ceramic rings or rows of pots stacked on top of one another. They were referred to as
ing wells. Below, you will find some quick facts about Ring Wells.

  • In essence, it was a form of well-built in the village for communal usage.
  • Apart from drinking and washing, these wells were used for a variety of other things, including drainage and waste disposal in one location and toilets in another. 
  • The terracotta rings that line ring wells set them apart from other varieties of dug wells, hence the name. 
  • The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has found a 4.4-meter-deep ring well during the most recent excavation at Purana Qila. 
  • The Gangetic plains, where ring wells were originally built during the Maurya era, extended beyond the center of the empire. 
  • Establishing villages along riverbanks was no longer necessary as ring wells provided water for domestic usage.
  • Only in deep areas where there is room for both storage and passage of water is drainage possible.


Ring wells were used in Mauryan Empire for? (A) Bathing (B) Washing clothes (C) Irrigation (D) Drainage

The first ring wells were utilized during the Maurya dynasty in the Gangetic plain, which stretched into provinces outside of the center of the empire. The terracotta rings are what gave rise to the name
ing wells. Some of them appear to have occasionally served as toilets.

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