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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Sports Terminology: Static GK knowledge is necessary to crack government exams like SSC CGL 2023  SSC MTS 2023, SSC GD Constable 2023, RRB NTPC, Group D etc. Sports has always been an important topic & as per previous years’ exam trend, 2-3 questions are generally asked from this topic.
As SSC CGL 2023 and other Government Exams are approaching, to help you update your knowledge, we have compiled a list of sports terminologies, important trophies, and Sports questions asked over the years. These notes will be essential for the upcoming SSC & Railway Exams 2023.  

Sports Static GK

Static GK is an integral part of all the Government exams as it has a high weightage in the upcoming SSC & Railways Exams 2023. Static GK consists of several important topics, including a List of Airports, State Folk & Classical Dance, International Cricket Stadiums, a List of Sports & Trophies, Sports Terminology, Important Dates (National+International), Capitals & Currencies, International Organizations & Headquarters, Important Cities in River Bank, etc.

In this article, we will be discussing the important Sports Terminologies for the upcoming Railways & SSC exams 2023.  

Sports Terminology

Sports terminology refers to the words that are exclusively used in a particular sport or athletics, they can be words related to special equipment, postures, methods, or rules, every sport has its unique vocabulary used in the field.

List of Sports Terminology

Important Terms Associated with the Sports List for SSC are tabulated below in the table, candidates are advised to go through the table and get acquainted with all the important terminologies of different sports.

Sports Sports Terminology
Badminton Service, Deuce, Smash, Drop, Let, Game, Love, Double Fault.
Baseball Pitcher, Strike, Diamond, Bunting, Home Run, Put Out.
Basketball Alley-oop, Dunk, Box-Out, Carry the Ball, Cherry Picking, Lay-up, Fast Break, Traveling
Billiards Jigger, Break, Scratch, Cannons, Pot, Cue, In Baulk, Pot Scratch, In Off.
Boxing Jab, Hook, Punch, Knock-out, Uppercut, Kidney Punch.
Bridge Revoke, Ruff, Dummy, Little Slam, Grand Slam, Trump, Diamonds, Tricks.
Chess Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate, Check.
Cricket LBW, Maiden over, Rubber, Stumped, Ashes, Hat-trick, Leg Bye, follow on, Googly, Gulley, Silly Point, Duck, Run, Drive, no ball, Cover point, Leg Spinner, Wicket Keeper, Pitch, Crease, Bowling, Leg-Break, Hit – Wicket, Bouncer, Stone-Walling.
Football Dribble, Off-Side, Penalty, Throw-in, Hat-Trick, Foul, Touch, Down, Drop Kick, Stopper
Golf Hole, Bogey, Put, Stymie, Caddie, Tee, Links, Putting the green.
Hockey Bully, Hat-Trick, Short corner, Stroke, Striking Circle, Penalty corner, Undercutting, Scoop, Centre forward, Carry, Dribble, Goal, Carried.
Horse Racing Punter, Jockey, Place, Win, Protest.
Lawn Tennis Volley, Smash, Service, Back-hand-drive, Let, Advantage, Deuce 
Shooting Bag, Plug, Skeet, Bull’s eye
Swimming Stroke.
Table Tennis Smash, Drop, Deuce, Spin, Let, Service
Volley Ball Blocking, Doubling, Smash, Point, Serve, Volley
Wrestling Freestyle, Illegal Hold, Nearfall, Clamping

Sports Terminology PDF

Having the study material in a concise and legible format would be very helpful in preparing for any Government exam therefore, we are going to provide you all with the Sports Terminology PDF here. Candidates can download the Sports Terms PDF and keep it for future reference.

> Sports Terminologies PDF Download

Sports Terminology MCQs

To give a better understanding of the type of questions asked over the years, we have listed down questions on Sports Terminology for your reference.

Q1. In which sports participants are called Pugilist.

  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Boxing

Answer: Boxing

Q2. Which Country won the maximum FIFA World Cup?

  • France
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • Argentina

Answer: Brazil

Q3. Hook Pass Term belongs to which of the following

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football

Answer: Basketball

List of Sports Trophies 

There are different Sports played throughout, and in the table below, we have provided you all with important sports and  trophies/Cups associated with them:


Sports Trophies


Ashes Cup, Asia Cup, C.K. Naidu Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Gavaskar Border Trophy, G.D. Birla Trophy, Gillette Cup, ICC World Cup, Irani Trophy, Jawaharlal Nehru Cup, Rani Jhansi Trophy, Ranji Trophy, Rohinton Barcia Trophy, Rothmans Cup, Sahara Cup, Sharjah Cup, Singer Cup, Titan Cup, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Vijay Merchant Trophy, Wisden Trophy, Wills Trophy.


Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, Aga Khan Cup, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup, Dhyanchand Trophy, Nehru Trophy, Sindhia Gold cup, Murugappa Gold Cup, Wellington Cup etc, Stanley Cup


Rovers Cup, Bandodkar Trophy, Merdeka Cup, Confederation Cup, DCM Trophy, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup, B. C. Raj Trophy (National Championship), FIFA World Cup, Jules Rimet Trophy, Kalinga Cup, Santosh Trophy, IFA Shield, Scissor Cup, Subroto Cup, Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy, Todd Memorial Trophy, Vittal Trophy, UEFA Champions League


Amrit Diwan Cup, Asia Cup, Chaddha Cup, European Cup, Harilela Cup, Ibrahim Rahimatillah Challenger Cup, Konica Cup, Sophia Cup, Kitiakara Cup, Malaysian Open, Thomas Cup (men) Uber Cup (women), Yonex Cup

Table Tennis

Asian Cup, Marcel Corbillon Cup, Pithapuram Cup (men), Swaythling Cup (men), Travancore Cup (women), U Thant Cup, Berna Bellack Cup, Corbillion Cup (women), Electra Gold Cup, Gasper-Guest Prize, Grand Prix, Jayalaxmi Cup (women), Kamala Ramanunjan Cup, World Cup.

Lawn Tennis

Davis Cup, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open, Heineken Cup


Canada Cup, Eisenhower Trophy, Inter-Continental Cup, Muthiah Gold Cup, Nomura Trophy, Paralamdi Trophy, President’s Trophy, Prince of Wales Cup, Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, Topolino Trophy, Walker Cup, Waterford Crystal Trophy, World Cup.

Horse Racing

Beresford Cup, Blue Riband, Derby, Grand National Cup

Boat Rowing

American Cup (Yacht racing), Wellington Trophy (India).

Games & Sports for RRB NTPC & SSC Exams 

Games and Sports have always been an integral part of the Government exams, and nearly 4-5 questions are asked in this section therefore, it’s our responsibility to provide you all with the important Games & Sports for SSC Exams 2023 so that you can score better in the upcoming exam.

Country National Game Other Popular Games

Field Hockey (Undeclared)

Note: According to a recent RTI, the Sports Ministry has said that no sport has been designated as a national game, despite the fact that the online site of the Government National Portal of India has uploaded an article praising field hockey under the heading ‘National Game.’

Cricket, badminton, kabaddi
Afghanistan Buzkashi (Also called Kopar, Kupari and Ulak Tartysh) Cricket, football, boxing & basketball

Ping Pong (Table Tennis)

Note: China has not formally declared a national sport, but table tennis is a national game based on its popularity.

Volleyball, Martial Arts, Shooting, Badminton


Cricket, Football
Nepal Dandi Biyo Cricket, football
Sri Lanka Volleyball Cricket, badminton, Watersports
Pakistan Field Hockey Cricket, Kabaddi, Squash, Snooker
Bhutan Archery Basketball, football, futsal
Myanmar Chinlone, also known as Caneball, is the traditional, national sport of Myanmar. Football
Maldives Football (Undeclared)

That’s all you need to know about the Sports Terminology. Learning all these Sports Terms are enough to score the maximum marks in this topic.

Hope this was useful to you. 

Happy Learning  

List of Sports Terminologies, Download PDF

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