Pelton Wheel turbine is: ________?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) High head high discharge turbine

(B) High head low discharge turbine

(C) Low head high discharge turbine

(D) Low head low discharge turbine

Pelton Wheel turbine is High head low discharge turbine. A tangential flow impulse turbine called a Pelton Wheel Turbine uses the kinetic energy of water to create a high-speed water jet that strikes the wheel tangentially to cause it to rotate.

Characteristic Pelton Wheel Turbine

  • High head and low discharge is a characteristic of the Pelton Wheel Turbine.
  • High-head turbine: These turbines only need a small amount of water and have net heads that range from 150 meters to 2000 meters or even more. Pelton wheel turbine, as an example.
  • Medium head turbine: These turbines have a net head that ranges from 30 to 150 meters, and they also need a moderate amount of water. Francis turbine, for instance.
  • Low-head turbine: These turbines need a lot of water and have a net head of fewer than 30 meters. Instance: Kaplan


Pelton Wheel turbine is: _____? (A) High head high discharge turbine (B) High head low discharge turbine (C) Low head high discharge turbine (D) Low head low discharge turbine

High-head, low-discharge turbines include Pelton Wheel turbines. The Main parts of the Pelton Wheel Turbine are (1) Runner and Buckets, (2) Flow Regulating Arrangement and Nozzle, (3) Penstock, (4) Braking Jet, and (5) Casing.

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