Our Dress Code is an Example of ___ Communication

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Our dress code is an example of a non-verbal form of communication. Our clothes can convey more than just our style and preferences. In fact, they are a medium of communication. Thus, we can say that Non-verbal communication refers to communication that is done without the use of words.

It is a way of transmitting messages without the use of spoken or written words. Without the help of narration, nob-verbal communication can be brought into use.

Dress code as an example of Non-verbal Communication

The word ‘Communication’ originates from the latin word ‘Communis’ which means ‘common’. As you know, clothing plays a huge role in how the world perceives us. This is because it is an inseparable part of our body that makes a statement and says a lot about our personality.

Our dress code is something that instantly catches the eye of the onlooker and conveys a lot about our background, thought process and personality. Hence, we can say it does more than just make a first impression and actually has the ability to communicate without words.


Our Dress Code is an Example of ___ Communication

Our dress code is an example of non-verbal type of communication. This is because our clothes say a lot about our personality and convey messages without the use of words. This is the reason dress codes are set in many professional and formal settings because it is a way to create an atmosphere that conveys a certain message.

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