Machine Learning is a Subset of Deep Learning. True or False?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

The above statement is False. Why? Because Deep learning is a subset of Machine learning and not the other way round. Furthermore, Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence or AI, which is an important factor for any intelligent computer programme. Read further to learn more about Machine learning and Deep learning.


This is False because Deep Learning is a Subset of Machine Learning

Hence, now you know that Deep learning is, in fact, machine learning. It is considered an evolution of machine learning and involves a programmable neural network that enables machines to make decisions without human interference.

On the other hand, Machine learning involves some complex coding and maths and serves the mechanical function equivalent to a flashlight or a computer screen. When we say that something is capable of ML, we mean that it can perform a function with the given data and progressively get better. In other words, we can say that all machine learning is Artificial Intelligence, but all AI is not machine learning.


Machine Learning is a Subset of Deep Learning. True or False?

No, this is false because Deep learning is a subset of machine learning, not vice versa. Deep learning has evolved from machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence or AI.


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