Job Profile & Salary of Tax Assistant and Accountant recruited through SSC CGL Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Today, we will discuss the work profiles & salaries of a Tax Assistant & an Accountant recruited through SSC CGL. Many of the aspirants have no idea what actually a Tax Assistant or an Accountant in a Government Office does. Through this article, we have tried to present a clear picture of the Job profile, Work Nature and salary of a Tax Assistant & an Accountant.

Job Profile of Tax Assistant (TA) in CBIC

Pay Band – Salary of Tax Assistant(TA) in CBIC is in the pay level 4 (Rs 25500 to 81100) with grade pay of Rs. 2,400.

Tax Assistant in CBIC can have three types of postings namely
1. Excise
2. Service Tax
3. Customs

Nature & Type of Duties Performed by Tax Assistant in CBIC

The work of a Tax Assistant is purely clerical. His work mainly includes dispatch and prepare some reports of the section he is posted in. Mostly he works under Superintendent or Appraiser but at some places, he also works under Examiner, PO and Excise Inspector. A Tax Assistant can also be posted in a sensitive area where his work nature is mostly clerical. TA puts up the file for any new Registration/Cancellation of license or any other permissions. This type of posting is considered to be the best among all.

Promotions & Department Exams

1. Senior Tax Assistant
2. Excise Inspector/PO/Examiner
3. Superintendent/Appraiser (Group-B gazetted)
4. Assistant Commissioner
5. Deputy Commissioner (+4 years)
6. Joint Commissioner (+4 years)
7. Additional Commissioner of Income Tax (+5 years)
Tax Assistant is usually promoted to Senior Tax Assistant in 3 years after his joining and can become Excise inspector/PO in next 3-4 years that means in total 6-7 years he can reach up to 4600 GP. STA usually takes 8-9 years to become an examiner i.e after a total 12 years of joining. Promotions depend on the number of vacancies available in that region and you have to pass the departmental examination of the same.
NOTE – I: TA (Customs) can apply only for promotion for PO and Examiner.
NOTE – II: TA (Excise) can apply only for promotion for Excise Inspector.

Age Limit for Tax Assistant In CBIC

Age Limit for UR is 18-27 year. Being Group-C service, the age relaxation for UR central govt employees servicing for 3 years continuously is 40 years for this post. For reserved categories add to it the usual age relaxation available to them.

Transfers in Tax Assistant In CBIC

There are 2 types of transfers available in this department.
1. Annual General Transfer
2. Inter Charge Transfer
The transfer is possible but it’s not a too certain or easy thing to happen. There are a number of points which must be in your favour simultaneously like
1. There must be vacancies in the zone you want to get transferred into.
2. Completion of probation period of 2 years is a must for the ICT transfer.
3. Administration of both the zones must be cooperative and liberal.

Note: Colour Blind Candidates can apply for this post. But such candidates can’t be promoted to the post of Excise Inspector/PO/Examiner.

Job Profile of Tax Assistant in CBDT

Pay band – Salary of Tax Assistant(TA) in CBIC is in the pay level 4 (Rs 25500 to 81100) with grade pay of Rs. 2,400. Tax Assistant in CBDT can be posted at two levels – either in the assessment of tax or in non-assessment. Age Limit for UR is 18-27 years.

TA (CBDT) is supposed to do the work related to the assessment of the income tax of an individual or a partnership firm or a company or as the case may be, and he/she has to feed that data in the computer. TA could also be asked to do any clerical work like work related to diary and dispatch, noting, drafting etc. He/she could also be asked to accompany the RAID team.

When TA is posted at a seat that belongs to non-assessment, he/she is supposed to do only clerical work. He also gets a SIM from the department on which all STD or LOCAL calls on any phone of BSNL or MTNL are totally free. This SIM is provided to every TA in CBDT irrespective of the type of the seat he is posted at.

Promotions – Sr TA, ITI, ITO (Group-B Gazetted), Assistant Commissioner and so on.
His/Her next promotion is to the post of Senior TA for which 3 years of service is a qualification i.e he cannot be promoted to that post before 3 years of his tenure. Besides, a departmental exam (in the name of Departmental exam for Ministerial Staff) is a must to pass for promotion. He/She can appear in this exam any time after his/her joining; according to the schedule declared. But this exam is just an eligibility i.e he/she can be promoted only according to his seniority. After promoted to Sr TA, he is promoted to ITI. For being promoted to ITI there is also a departmental exam.

Job Profile of Accountant/JR Accountant

Pay Band – This is a post in the pay scale 5 (Rs 29200 to 92300) and a grade pay of Rs 2,800. He has to pass a confirmatory exam first to be confirmed. Three years of compulsory service at the post is the minimum qualifying period for his promotion to the next post of Sr Accountant. If the vacancy is not available, the promotion will take more than 3 years. The grade pay of Senior Accountant is Rs 4,200.
1. Sr Accountant after 3 years
2. Assistant Accounts Officer after qualifying the AAO (Civil) Exam which consists of 9 descriptive papers
3. Principal Accounts Officer. Takes almost 15 years after becoming AAO.
4. Sr Accounts Officer

Nature of Work
Mainly clerical. They are generally posted in Pay and Accounts Offices and Divisional Offices under various ministries. Broadly you can divide his duties as follows:
A. Passing of Various Bills: Salary, Allowances, Office Expenses, Contingent Bills etc.
B. Dealing with Pension and GPF matters: New Pension Scheme, Revision of Pension,
C. Granting Family Pension, Gratuity, Leave Encashment, Group Insurance, etc
D. Receipts and Payments: To see the accounting of revenue and compiling the expenditures incurred in civil ministries.
E. Any other
Age Limit in SSC CGL for this post is 18-27 for UR.
NOTE – I: Colour Blind candidates can prefer this post.
NOTE – II: Being Group-C service, the age relaxation for UR central govt employees servicing for 3 years (continuously) is 40 years for this post.

To check detailed salary, Click on SSC CGL Salary 2019 (In hand & Post-wise) after 7th Pay Commission

We hope that the article has cleared all your doubts regarding the Job profile & Work Nature of a Tax Assistant & Accountant. If you still have any further queries related to the article, feel free to post them in the comment section.


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