Is Zero an Odd Number or an Even Number?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Zero is an even number. Integers that are multiples of 2 are known as even numbers. Zero is both an integer and a multiple of 2, as a result of which it is known as an even number in mathematics. Zero is divisible by 2 and all numbers that are divisible by two are classified as even numbers unlike odd numbers that are not completely divisible by 2.

Is Zero Odd or Even?

Zero is an even number due to it being an integer which is a multiple of 2. Zero is classified as an integer because it is written without a remainder. Zero is an essential number in mathematics that falls at the center of the number line. There is often a debate about whether zero is an even number or an odd number.

However, since, zero is divisible by 2, it is considered an even number. We can check this by dividing zero by 2.

0/2 = 0

As zero is divisible by the number 2 hence, zero is an even number.

Difference Between Odd and Even Numbers

Odd numbers refer to the numbers that are divisible by 2. On the other hand, even numbers are the numbers that are not divisible by 2. Odd numbers are known to be divided into two whole equal parts. Even numbers cannot be divided equally into two parts.

The examples of odd numbers include 2,4,6,8, etc. whereas the examples of even numbers include 3,5,7,9, etc. Odd number can be written in the form of 2n where n is a natural number. Even numbers are in form 2n+1.


Is Zero an Odd Number or an Even Number?

Zero is known as an even number. This is because it is completely divisible by 2 and is an integer. It is considered an even number because of these properties. Zero is an important number in mathematics.

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