Important GK One Liners for Railway Group D & ALP Exam 2018 (Part 5)

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

In Continuation of our series of Important GK One-Liners for Railway Group D & ALP/Technician Exam 2018, we are here to provide you with fifty more important questions which will be helpful for the upcoming Railway Exams.

GK One-Liners for Railway Exams (Part 5)

Important GK One-Liners for Railway Group D & ALP/Technician Exam 2018
1. Who was the 23rd Tirthankara of the Jains? Parshvanath
2. Who is the author of the book Everest ki Beti? Arunima Sinha
3. Zojila Tunnel is located in which state? Jammu & Kashmir
4. Who discovered the Gamma rays? Paul Villard
5. which app is launched for Coal Quality Monitoring? UTTAM app
6. What is the chemical name of Bleaching Powder?  Ca(ClO)2
7. Who is the winner of Vyas Samman 2017?  Mamta Kalia
8. What is the Theme for World Earth Day 2018? End Plastic Pollution
9. Who was the head of the Steering Committee? Dr.Rajendra Prasad
10. Who is known as Father of Modern Economics? Adam Smith
11. Durand Cup is related to Which sports? Football
12. What was the venue of the Finals of IPL 2018?  Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
13. What is the chemical name of the Borax? Sodium tetraborate
14. What will be the venue for FIFA World Cup 2022? Qatar
15. Name the country, which is the world top almond importer? India
16. Who wrote the famous book Rajtarangni? Kalhana
17. Which is the world’s largest coral reef system? The Great Barrier Reef
18. Which country is the largest Electricity Producer in the World? China
19. Where is Shalimar Bagh located? Srinagar
20. What is the currency of Myanmar? Kyat
21 Who is the Governor of Madhya Pradesh?  Anandiben Patel
22. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner? President
23. Who has been appointed as the new CEO Of Ayushman Bharat Mission? Indu Bhushan
24. Cytology is the study of _______? Cells
25. Who discovered Neutrons? James Chadwick
26. Who is also known as Deshbandhu? Chitranjan Das
27. Which amendment act ended ‘The Fundamental Right to Property’? 44th Amendment Act
28. Who has written ‘My Journey from Marxism-Leninism to Nehruvian Socialism’ C H Hanumantha Rao
29. Who invented battery? Alessandro Volta
30. Who became the new ambassador of Sikkim? A.R.Rahman
31. Cox is associated to which sports?  Boatrace
32. Where is the Headquarters of European Union situated? Brussels, Belgium
33. Jio Payments Bank is a joint venture of Reliance Industries with which bank? SBI
34. The Capital City of Iraq? Baghdad
35. Who is also known as ‘Father of Indian Renaissance? Raja Ram Mohan Roy
36. Name the author of Daughter of The East. Benazir Bhutto
37. Name the Chairman of HDFC Bank? Deepak S Parekh
38. Who was the founder of Tughlak Dynasty?  Ghias-ud-din
39.. Who wrote the famous book Midnight’s Children? Salman Rushdie
40. World Earth Day is observed on which date? 22 April
41. Who has won the Yash Chopra memorial award 2018? Asha Bhonsle
42. Acarology is related to the study of _____. Mites
43. Dudhasagar Falls is located in which state? Goa
44. What should be the minimum age to be qualified for contesting in a panchayat election?  21
45. Where is Jim Corbett National Park located? Uttarakhand
46. What is the capital of Pallavas? Kanchi
47. What is known as Green Gold? Bamboo ( In few books Tea had been referred as green gold but in the union budget 2018, our finance minister has referred Bamboo as green gold.  )
48. National Consumer Rights Day is celebrated on which day? 24th December
49. Who gave the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”? Lal Bahadur Shashtri
50. Who is the Minister of Women and Child Development department? Maneka Gandhi

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