Igas festival is related to Which State?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

(A) Manipur

(B) Uttrakhand

(C) Karnataka

(D) Kerala

Igas festival is related to Uttarakhand. Budhi Diwali is another name for the Igas festival. This event lasts for five days and begins on the first Amavasya after ordinary Diwali. The inhabitants of Uttarakhand’s Jaunsar Bawar region celebrate it. As it is thought that the word of Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya reached the hills a bit late, it was one month after Diwali.

Festivals in Uttrakhand State

People celebrate the Igas festival happily. People dance to Virah tunes to celebrate. One of the main events at the festival is the Rasa Dance. It is believed that the news of Lord Ram came to his home and reached in the hills after 11 days. That’s why the Igas festival is celebrated after 11 days of Diwali.

Other Famous festivals of Uttarakhand:

  1. Basant Panchami
  2. Bhitauli, Harelaei
  3. Ganga Dusshera
  4. Dikar Puja
  5. Ghuian Ekadashi
  6. Ghughutia


Igas festival is related to Which State? (A) Manipur (B) Uttrakhand (C) Karnataka (D) Kerala

Uttarkhand is connected to the Igas festival. It is one of the most popular regional festivals of Uttrakhand. Usually, People of the state celebrate this festival after the 11 days of the Deepawali festival.

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