IB ACIO Salary and Job Profile 2023: In Hand Salary, Allowances

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

IB ACIO Salary is set by the Ministry of Home Affairs as per the 7th Pay Commission. As one of the most sought-after and respected jobs in the country, competition for this post can be quite high. It is crucial that candidates preparing for the exam learn about IB ACIO job profile and salary. This will help candidates get a better idea about the work and corresponding pay.

IB ACIO salary is accompanied by various perks and allowances. Candidates who are selected as IB ACIO are entitled to a per month salary of Rs. 40,730 in hand. In this post, we have discussed in detail the various aspects of IB ACIO salary, like salary slip, gross pay, increments, career growth, promotion, and more.

IB ACIO Salary

IB ACIO salary is considered well-paying and many people consider it to be quite lucrative as well. It is an important component that attracts lakhs of candidates to this Grade-II post. IB ACIO salary is decided as per the norms of the central government. As IB ACIO work under the Ministry of Home Affairs, their salary and perks are as per the 7th Pay Commission.

In this post, we have discussed IB ACIO salary in detail. We have provided the salary structure along with IB ACIO gross salary and net salary. We have also provided in-depth details on IB ACIO job profile and role. This will help aspiring candidates understand the job and the compensation in a better way.

IB ACIO Salary In Hand

One of the most important things candidates should know is the IB ACIO salary in hand, which is approximately Rs. 40,730. It refers to the amount candidates receive after the addition of allowances and all the deductions. It is different from basic pay which is the sum of the initial pay of the employee and Grade pay. Candidates should know the difference between IB ACIO salary in hand and basic pay to set their expectations accordingly.

IB ACIO Salary Per Month

IB ACIO salary per month is decided on the pay scale of Rs. 9300-34800 with a grade pay of Rs. 4200. It is based on the pay band 2. The IB ACIO salary is in the range of Rs.44,900 to Rs. 1,42,400 per month, based on the level of seniority and the city in which one is posted. The exact amount of salary received per month by IB ACIO can be impacted by many factors, however, this is the range in which one can expect to be paid.

IB ACIO Salary Structure

To understand the various component of IB ACIO salary better, we are providing the structure for it below. This will help candidates gain insights into the various elements that go into the calculation of their overall net and gross salary. Refer to the table below for a better understanding of IB ACIO salary structure.

IB ACIO Salary Structure

Pay Scale


Grade Pay


Basic Pay 


CPC Fitment Factor




Transport Allowances


IB ACIO Gross Salary







Total Deductions


IB ACIO Net Salary


IB ACIO Salary Increment

IB ACIO salary increments happen every few months. As per the 7th Pay Commission, the DA is revised every six months, which leads to an increase in salary. IB ACIO salary is one of the highest salaries and after increments and promotions can be up to Rs. 1,42,400 per month. Considering promotions, this amount can be increased as per the pay band of the respective posts.

IB ACIO Salary Slip

Candidates who want to understand IB ACIO salary in depth can refer to the salary slip. It is the best way of understanding the salary structure and understand the different types of allowances and deductions. IB ACIO salary slip will certainly help candidates gain better knowledge about their compensation and how it is calculated.

>IB ACIO Salary Slip (To be updated)

IB ACIO Salary and Perks

The job of IB ACIO comes with a lucrative salary and various perks. There are various types of allowances that are paid to selected candidates every month. Refer to the table below to know the various IB ACIO allowances which can be availed by the candidates.



Office Cum Residence Allowance

Rs. 3500

Cook Salary

Rs. 3200

Petrol Sanction

13 Litres

Diesel Sanction

20 Litres

2 Newspapers + TV Cable Subscription

Rs. 600

Entertainment Allowance

Rs. 650

IB ACIO Job Profile

Candidates should understand the IB ACIO job profile properly. It is a difficult yet rewarding job. However, it can be quite risky as well. Hence, candidates should know the various aspects of the IB ACIO job profile in advance to mentally prepare themselves for what is to come in the future.

AB ACIO Training

The time period for IB ACIO training is four months divided into two phases. In the first phase, candidates have to undergo physical training that comprises a lot of running and exercising. The second phase of training is mostly theoretical consisting of many lectures.

IB ACIO Job Posting Location

After the initial training, the recruit is assigned responsibilities. The IB ACIO job posting location is decided randomly. Some recruits may get allotted to border areas or the mainland while others might be posted to cities, towns, or villages. There, they get familiar with the work environment which prepares them for worst-case scenarios.

On-the-job IB ACIO Training

Each place has its own issues like terrorism, security, Naxalism, narcotics, goons, etc. Every recruit is expected to create the work profile of their allotted place to analyze the ongoing or any other possible threats to that place and to work on them. Each recruit works under the guidance of a mentor who guides them throughout.

Spontaneity and Risk Handling

Being an ACIO, the risk is imminent. One needs to act spontaneously and handle situations wisely. They have to mitigate threats at all times. They must know how to manage any possible danger that can be hazardous to society or themselves. They have to collect input from sources hence, should have good social skills. They also have to follow all the rules properly, there is scope or opportunities for digressions or it can be dangerous.

IB ACIO Job Role

Knowing the exam IB ACIO job role and responsibility is of utmost importance. It is an essential part of preparing yourself mentally for the exam. As candidates selected for the job operate in both, they should know IB ACIO job description differs at the state level and the national level. The below table highlights the IB ACIO job role and responsibilities for the recruited under the IB department.

IB ACIO Job Description

At National Level

The bulk of the intelligence collection is carried out by `Grade II’ employees of the IB and if you are an ACIO, you will be in that grade. 

The `Class I’ officers mostly carry out coordination and higher-level management of the IB.

At State Level

At the state level, you will be a part of the State Special Bureau and will be reporting to a Central Intelligence Officer (the intelligence advisor to the Governor).

The IB maintains a large number of field units and headquarters (which are under the control of Joint or Deputy Directors).

It is through these offices and the intricate process of the deputation that a very `organic’ linkage between the state police agencies and the IB is maintained.

In addition to these at the national level, the IB has several units (in some cases Subsidiary Intelligence Bureaus) to keep track of issues like terrorism, counter-intelligence, VIP security, threat assessment, and sensitive areas (i.e. J&K, North-East Region (NER), etc.).

IB ACIO Promotion

Candidates who start working as officers will have many opportunities to grow through IB ACIO promotion. One can raise their career to great heights by taking advantage of these promotions. The IB ACIO salary also increases as one gets to higher positions. As an Assistant in Intelligence Bureau, you will be following the below-mention IB ACIO promotion hierarchy in terms of career growth.

  • Section Officers
  • Under Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Director

IB ACIO Work Life

As an IB ACIO, you will have a proper work schedule. You will be going in the morning and coming back to your home in the evening. You have to work under every department in IB once you get in. This provides you to enhance your skills. Even people from technical backgrounds are given field assignments.

However, there will be no extra work hours unless there are special assignments. IB ACIO work life involves working in shifts, which can be either in the field or on the desk.

IB ACIO is certainly one of the most reputed and well-paying jobs in the country. We hope through this article, candidates were able to understand in detail IB ACIO job profile and salary. Aspirants can start preparing for the upcoming exam through IB ACIO mock tests to ensure success.

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