How to Make Effective Study Notes For SSC & Railway Exams?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

How to Make Effective Study Notes For SSC & Railway Exams? SSC & Railway government job preparation is quite stressful as it tests you on various levels. To qualify the exam you must learn everything from scratch and cover every single topic but, with a very limited time and a vast syllabus, it becomes difficult. To study effectively, you must filter out the important topics and write key points so that you can cover a major syllabus in short duration.

Having quality study notes plays an important role in your exam preparation. These study notes provide you with the space to learn and revise even when the preparation time is short. In this article, we will tell how you can make your own study notes and prepare effectively for SSC & Railway exams.


How to Make Effective Study Notes For SSC & Railway Exams?

Every student has its own learning style, some note down everything they listen to or read and some summarise the content to make it short and simple. The correct method to make notes is to filter out the important topics and write key points. But how to make effective study notes? Don’t worry, Pals, this article has the solution.

Here are Some of the Expert Tips which will help you to make Effective Study Notes for SSC & Railway Exams:

Follow your comfort

Some of you folks are comfortable with broad and explained study notes with the bookish examples, while others are good at remembering it in a story-telling way with practical or daily-life instances. Both of them are great because both the different paths lead to the same destination i.e. Learning. So first understand what your comfort zone is.

Make it prompt

Keep a pen and paper ready while you are taking the class. Write down the points immediately and elaborate it just as you finish the session. ‘Learn or Read first and make notes later’ is not the right approach. You can miss out on a lot of things. Better keep it together and make the notes simultaneously.

Be specific 

You need to make a note, not a book. Hence, don’t write up everything you read. Always remember notes are for reference. So, it is better to make them concise and point-based.

Maintain the sequence

The teachers, you are learning from, have the experience to sequence the lecture in such a way that students may learn and remember appropriately and easily. Try to follow that sequence while making the study notes too.

Take care of the structure

Speaking about the points, you must understand what the most important points are or which the point will straightly redirect you to the topic you are studying.

It is just like inserting the correct web address in the google search bar to reach your desired web page. If you insert a half or wrong address, it will show you 10 different result that can confuse you.

So, to beat the confusion write the exact main points. You can include additional yet important information in the sub-points under the main points.

Mark the important areas

Use different colours for highlighting and underlining the very important areas. It will help you point out these areas at a glance. Also, colours make things interesting, it will be a fun-learning. But again, remember that your notes are not your drawing book. So be concise in using colours too.

Use tables and diagrams 

Speaking about the colours and drawing, you know what a picture can say more. An essential picture can easily communicate information. You can easily explain the important information quickly and more precisely. So, using the flowcharts, diagrams, tables are further effective besides a narrative-based study notes.

Keep it up-to-date

Most of you have a habit of making a study note for one time and keep preparing over and over again with it. Let us correct you there! Do keep your notes up-to-date. Update or add new points and information and examples.

 So these were the important points which will help you to make effective study notes for SSC & Railway exams. We hope this will help you with your preparation.

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