How Non-Maths Students Can Crack SSC & Other Government Exams 2023

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

If you are preparing for SSC examinations, math is one subject that you cannot skip and has to score decent to ensure your selection. The minimum Qualification of most of the SSC exams for non-technical posts is graduation from any subject. This means that students who choose arts subjects to avoid math would have to revisit the quant in SSC examinations and also have to master it. Maths is an integral part of the SSC exams, this is why you must prepare well for the math part in order to achieve excellent scores in this area.  


Quant से लगता है डर? जानें क्या होना चाहिए Quant Preparation Strategy SSC 2023 Exams के लिए

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How Non-Maths Students Can Crack SSC & Other Government Exams?

Preparing for SSC (Staff Selection Commission) and other government exams can be a challenging endeavor, especially for students who do not have a strong background in mathematics. However, with the right strategies and dedicated effort, non-mathematics students can overcome this obstacle and succeed in these competitive exams. Check the following

How Non-Maths Students Can Crack SSC & Other Government Exams 2023

Get Acquainted with the Syllabus and the Basics of Each Topic under the Syllabus 

Go through the syllabus and understand the question weightage of each topic and also the difficulty level of the questions from the topics. Once done, learn the basic concepts of each topic and finish the syllabus once. There are good chances that you may find a few topics challenging, you must complete the syllabus at least once. This activity is for analysis since the Non-Mathematics students are confronting mathematics for the first time in a long time, probably after 10th std. 

Find Out the Chapters which You Find Easy

The quant syllabus can be categorized into the following sections: arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and Mensuration. Non-Maths background aspirants should focus on Geometry and Mensuration more for the following three reasons: 

  • As compared to other sections, these two chapters are easy and can be solved easily with the help of formulae
  • To solve the problems, students are required to mug up the formulae and theorems
  • These two chapters have high question weightage as well 

Learn By Heart All the Important formulae and Theorems

Make sure all the formulae should be at your fingertips irrespective of the fact that you are unable to comprehend the logic. In SSC Exams, many questions can be easily solved immediately with the formula. It necessitates memorizing formulae even if you do not understand the reasoning. Keep in mind that you need not do PhD on the quant subject, you just require to find out the correct answer. Especially for Arts students, you come from an arts background where you must have studied and memorized a lot. Practice those abilities of yours, here

Master Arithmetic Chapters

This part will be quite easy for you because the majority of the concepts are used in everyday life. You may easily relate to it and answer the questions of chapters like profit and loss, time and distance, time and work, pipe and cistern, average, alligation and mixing, and so forth.

Do not Jump on to the Shortcuts in the Beginning

Focus on getting the basics right and then application of basic concepts to the questions. Once you are done practising enough questions with the standard method then move on to shortcuts. Also, try not to use too many shortcut methods as you might not be able to remember all these shortcuts and might get confused too. Focus on improving speed instead. Make it a habit to do all of your calculations in your head. This will save a significant amount of time. Well, if you are self-assured enough to employ shortcuts without hesitation, go for it.

Right Approach for Trigonometry

From Trigonometry questions are asked based on the values and height and distance. For value-finding questions, memorize and rewrite often. You will also require a lot of practice to remember a large variety of sin(), cos(), and tan() values (). Height and distance problems, on the other hand, are partly solved if the picture is appropriately drawn.

Solve Previous Years’ Papers

It is no mystery that in SSC exams questions are often repeated. In this regard, it is vital for you to look through the previous year’s questions for all of the chapters. It helps you in two ways: you get a feel of the pattern and level of questions, and you will most likely get questions from these papers.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Whether in Maths or Non-maths background studies, every applicant who wants to do well in the SSC exam has to practice a lot of questions. However, because you come from a completely different background, you will need to commit more attention to this portion. Finish the theory first, then go on to sectional tests. When you’re finished with chapter-by-chapter practice, go on to full-length examinations.

I am Weak in Maths Can I crack SSC CGL?

Having a weak foundation in mathematics can undoubtedly be a cause for concern when it comes to cracking the SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) exam. However, it is important to remember that success in this exam is not solely determined by mathematical prowess. While mathematics is a crucial part of the syllabus, candidates with weak math skills can still crack the SSC CGL with the right approach and preparation. By identifying their weaknesses, dedicating extra time and effort to improving mathematical concepts, seeking guidance from qualified tutors, and practicing extensively with SSC CGL previous year papers and mock tests for combined graduate level exam, individuals weak in math can enhance their skills and increase their chances of cracking the exam. With determination, perseverance, and a focused study plan, it is indeed possible to overcome math-related challenges and achieve success in the exam.

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Hope this was useful to you. 

Happy Learning  


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