H2S is a Toxic Gas with Rotten Egg Like Smell

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Henry’s law constant for Carbon Dioxide in water is equal to 1.67*10 raised to the power 8 Pa at 298K. But how can we prove this? First, let’s start by calculating the number of moles in water, and later, we will calculate the number of moles in the H2S gas. After this, we can apply Henry’s law to determine the Law Constant.


Calculating Henry’s Constant

1 Kg of solvent contains:

1000/18 = 55.55 moles

Thus, the mole fraction of H2S gas in the solution equals:

X = Moles of H2S / Moles of H2S + Moles of water

0.195 / (0.195 + 55.56) = 0.0035

At STP, pressure (p) = 0.987 bar

Now, as per Henry’s law:

p= KHx

⇒ KH = p / x

= 0.0987 / 0.0035 bar

282 bar


H2S is a Toxic Gas with Rotten Egg Like Smell

Henry’s law constant is equal to 282 bar when the STP pressure is 0.987 bar, and the solubility of the H2S gas in the water at the STP is 0.195 m. You can go through the article to understand the step-by-step process of calculating Henry’s law constant in detail.


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