Google Chrome is an Example of?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

A) Web browser

B) Web server



The answer is option A) Web BrowserGoogle Chrome is an example of an application software called a Web Browser. Wondering what is a web browser? Fret not! A web browser or an internet browser is application software that helps us access the World Wide Web. It provides an interface between the client and the server and requests the latter for any web services and documents required by the user.


Google Chrome is an example of a Web Browser

In simple words, a web browser has the ability to take you anywhere on the internet and retrieves all kinds of information to display on your device. Lastly, some other famous examples of web browsers include Mozilla Firefox. Microsoft Edge, and Opera.


Google Chrome is an Example of?

Google Chrome is a kind of Web Browser. Web browsers allow users to retrieve any information from the internet and access the world wide web. Some more examples of web browsers include Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.


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