Basic Concepts & Short Tricks to Solve Direction Test Questions

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Verbal reasoning comprises a very important & scoring topic which is – Directions. It is one of the easiest topics to score in most of the Railways & SSC Exams. The Concept behind the Directions is the same that we use in our day-to-day life. This direction sense test is nothing but a precise of sensing the direction. To solve the direction sense test first you need to make a sketch of the data provided. 

In this article, we have provided Direction short tricks along with the Direction Short Tricks PDF and Directions reasoning questions. Candidates are advised to go through the article for complete information.

Direction Questions are designed to test the candidate’s ability to sense direction. Questions on the direction are comparatively simpler than other questions of reasoning if the aspirant possesses the right knowledge of the main four directions and four cardinal directions. The paper setter creates confusion in the question by giving the frequent right and left turns to a specific direction.


Direction is the information contained in the relative position of one point with respect to another point without the distance information. Directions may be either relative to some indicated reference or absolute according to some previously agreed-upon frame of reference.

Direction Short Tricks

Candidates can refer to the Direction Short Tricks below: 

Four main directions – North, South, East, West

Four Cardinal Direction – North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West

Basic Concepts & Short Tricks to Solve Direction Test Questions

  • At the time of sunrise, if a man stands facing the east, his shadow will be towards the west.
  • At the time of sunset, the shadow of an object is always in the east.
  • If a man stands facing the North, at the time of sunrise his shadow will be towards his left and at the time of sunset, it will be towards his right.
  • At 12:00 noon, the rays of the sun are vertically downward hence there will be no shadow.

The above is the Directional Diagram. The direction sense consists of four different types of problems. Let’s see the types of Direction problems with solutions.

1. A man starting from his home walks 5 km towards East, and then he turns left and goes 4 km. At last, he turns to his left and walks 5 km. Now Find the distance between the man and his home and also find at which direction he is facing?



From the above diagram, we can find he is 4 km from his house and facing the West Direction.

2. A man starting from his home moves 4 km towards East, then he turns right and moves 3 km. Now, what will be the minimum distance covered by him to come back to his home?



3. After Sunrise, Prakash while going to college suddenly met with Lokesh at a crossing point. Lokesh’s Shadow was exactly to the right of Prakash. If they were facing each other on which direction was Prakash facing?

Sol. Always Sun rises in the East Direction. So Shadow falls towards West

4. Prem started from his home and moved 5 km to reach the crossing point of the palace. The road opposite to the direction Prem is heading goes to the hospital. The road to the right of Prem goes to the station. If the road which goes to a station is just opposite to the road of the IT-Park, in which direction is Prem which leads to the IT- Park?


From the above diagram, it shows that the road which goes towards the IT-Park is left of Prem.

That’s how Direction questions are solved easily. We hope these concepts have made the chapter easy for you all.

Direction Reasoning Questions

Practising questions is important before appearing for any upcoming examination. Below we are going to provide you all with Direction Reasoning Questions, Candidates can go through these questions for SSC & Railways Exam 2022.

1.Reeta is standing facing south-east. First, she turns 135° clockwise. After that, turns 90° anticlockwise. Then she turns 45° clockwise, followed by a 135° anticlockwise turn. In which direction is she facing now?

A. East
B. North – East
C. South-East
D. South

Answer ||| A

2.Six houses, A, B, C, D, E and F, are situated in a colony. D is 60 m south of E. F is 40 m south of B. A is 30 m north of E. F is 50 m east of A. C is 50 m west of B. Find the location of C with reference to A.

A. 30 m east
B. 50 m north
C. 40 m north
D. 40 m south

Answer ||| C

3.A man walks 20km towards east. From there, he walks 12km west. Then he walks 6km towards north. How far and in which direction is he with reference to his starting point?

A. 12 km, North West
B. 10 km, North East
C. 8 km, North East
D. 16 km, South West

Answer ||| B

4.Vijendra walks a certain distance, say X metres, from his home towards the west. Then he turns left and walks 23 metres. After that, he turns left and walks 36 metres. Then he turns left again to walk 23 metres. He finally turns left and walks 18 metres to reach his home. Find the value of X.

A. 41
B. 18
C. 19
D. 22

Answer ||| B

5.Shashank walks a certain distance, say x m, towards the west, then turns left and walks 35 m, then turns right and walks 18 m. From there, he turns left and walks 9 m, and then turns left again and walks 60 m. From there, he turns left and walks 9 m, and then turns left again and walks 12 m. He finally turns right and walks 35 m to reach a point that is exactly 10 m east of the starting point. What is the value of x?

A. 20
B. 22
C. 30
D. 36

Answer ||| A

6.Zainab is standing facing a particular direction initially. Then she turns 90° clockwise, after that she turns 180° anticlockwise. Then she turns 135° anticlockwise. She finally turns 180° clockwise. Now she is facing the north-east direction. In which direction was Zainab facing initially before taking any turns?

A. South
B. East
C. West
D. North-West

Answer ||| B

7.At the time of sunset, Lopa and Kritika are sitting facing each other. If the shadow of Lopa falls to the right of Kritika, in which direction is Kritika facing?

A. South
B. North
C. East
D. West

Answer ||| B

8.Gaurav exits from the backdoor of his north-facing house and walks 25 m straight, then he takes a left turn and walks 36 m, then he turns left and walks 47 m. He turns left again and walks 36 m. How far and in which direction is he from his house now?

A. 22 m, North
B. 11 m, North
C. 22 m, South
D. 11 m, South

Answer ||| A

9.Riya go to east, turn left, then left again and then go to the right. In which direction is Riya now?


Answer ||| A

10.Abhay walked 20 m towards north, took a right turn and walked 10 m. he again took right turn and walked 20 m. How far and in which direction is he from the starting point?

A. 10m – SOUTH
B. 10m – NORTH
C. 10m – EAST
D. 10m – WEST

Answer ||| C

11.Rajat leaves for his office from his house. He walk towards east, and covers a distance of 30m. He turn south and walk 14m. Then he turns right and walks 40m and further walks 7 m towards north. He then turn towards east and walks 10m what is the straight distance between his initial and final position.

A. 14 m
B. 7 m
C. 15 m
D. 30 m

Answer ||| B

12.You go east, turn left and then left again and then go to the right. In which direction are you now?

A. North
B. East
C. West
D. South

Answer ||| A

13.Puja started walking from his home. She walked 9 m from his home towards east and took right and walk 14 m. she then took left and walked 3 m again look left and walk 19 m and stopped at his office. Find the shortest distance between his home and his office?

A. 14
B. 13
C. 15
D. 16

Answer ||| B

14.You go east, turn right , then right again and then go the right. In which direction are  you facing now ?

A. South
B. West
C. East
D. North

Answer ||| D

15. Direction: Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:

Rajan walks 5km towards north and then he turns west and walks 4km. Again he turns north and walks 2km. Then he turns east and walks 4km. Again he turns south and walks 7km. Finally he turns west and walks 10km and then stops.

How far is Rajan from the starting point?

A. 12km
B. 10km
C. 15km
D. 17km

Answer ||| B

16.In which direction is Rajan with respect to his starting point?

A. West
B. Southeast
C. Southwest
D. Northwest

Answer ||| A

17.Shweta starts walking from her office and walk 150m towards the south, then she turns right and walks 80m, and then she turns left and walks 60m. She finally turns left and walks 280m to reach a bank. What is the shortest distance between her office and the bank.

A. 280 m
B. 290 m
C. 410 m
D. 370 m

Answer ||| B

18.A man walks from west to east and on the way turn left and goes in a semi-circle round a hillock, and then turn left. In which direction is the man facing now?

A. East
B. West
C. North
D. South

Answer ||| A

19.Rahul walked 30 m towards south, he then turned to his right and walked 15 m. He then turned to his right and walked 30m. He again turned to his left and walked 10 m. At what distance is he from the starting point and in which direction?

A. 25 Meters West
B. 35 Meters East
C. 10 Meters North
D. None of these

Answer ||| A

20. Rama walked 30m to the south of her house, Rama turns left and goes another 10m. Then, turning to the north, she goes 15m. From there she moves towards her house and starts walking in its direction. In which direction is she walking now?

A. South-West
B. North-East
C. North-west
D. None of these

Answer ||| C

Direction Short Tricks PDF

Candidates can download the Direction Short Tricks PDF from the link given below. Along with the Direction Short Tricks candidates can also find the Direction Reasoning Questions in the PDF. Candidates are advised to save the PDF for future purposes.

>>>Direction Short Tricks PDF, Click Here

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