Coronavirus (COVID-19) Profile: Facts Vs Fake [Latest Update]

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Profile: Facts Vs Fake. Coronavirus has claimed the lives of many people across 187 countries. The lack of any vaccine or cure supplement with sheer ignorance makes this pandemic even more difficult to deal with. The situation is really critical so far across the globe. Let us check the statistics of how steadily this virus is spreading across the countries worldwide.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Profile: Facts Vs Fake [Latest Update]

Image Source: WHO official website

Awareness is the only cure available at this point in time. Gradeup has come up with a campaign #PrepSmartStaySafe which is aimed at spreading awareness on the fight against coronavirus. We can still hope to contain the outbreak if we spread the message before the virus spreads and infects people across the globe. Don't limit this article or knowledge upto you if possible spread the word it can save the lives of people.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Profile: Facts Vs Fake

Before proceeding with the article and bust some of the myths associated with the virus, it becomes imperative for all of you to know about this deadly virus. The disease emerged first in the city of Wuhan in the month of December. It had pneumonia-like symptoms such as severe fever, cough and shortening of breath. It was first found in the workers dealing with seafood and live animals. The exact transmission is still unknown. The vaccine is in the process of development. What one should do to stop its spread? 

  • Avoid making contact with the contaminated surface especially when travelling in public places.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitiser. 
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands.
  • When coughing, flex your hands or use a tissue paper. 
  • Make a distance of 1 metre with someone who sneezes to avoid coming in contact with the droplets.
  • If you are unwell then avoid going out. Rest at home.
  • If you develop any of the symptoms-severe fever, cough and shortening of breath then seek help immediately.
  • Do not spit in public places. Whenever you reach home from outside, make sure you leave your shoes outside or wash them before entering the house. 
  • Sanitise your home on a regular basis. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Profile: Facts Vs Fake [Latest Update]

Image Source: WHO

Let us proceed with the facts and rumours associated with Coronavirus or COVID-19:

Myth (Fiction) Fact
Hot and Humid climate affects the novel coronavirus and prevents its spread. COVID-19 can sustain both in hot and humid weather, as well as the cold. 
Taking a hot shower will help in keeping the virus at bay. If the virus has already made its way to your body,it will have no effect by normal changes in outside temperature, which means the coronavirus will always be comfortable.
Any anti-bacterial hand sanitizer or gel will help in containing the contamination from spreading. For a hand sanitizer to be effective, it must contain at least 60% of the alcohol content in it. 
Eating Garlic keeps the coronavirus at bay. Garlic has immense antimicrobial properties but no evidence has shown of it being effective against the virus.
Flu and pneumonia vaccine can help with novel coronavirus There is no vaccine available for coronavirus as if now. 
Ultra-violet lamps and hot-air hand-dryers can kill the virus. Such claims have been refuted by the WHO.  Please do not fall prey for such claims.
Many medicines claim to fight against novel coronavirus. There is no medicine available so far that can help with the coronavirus.
Regular rinsing of nose with saline help prevent infection with the new coronavirus There is no support for this theory. 
Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over your body kill the new coronavirus. Spraying alcohol all over the body does not help with the microbes who have already paved their way inside of your body.
Antibiotics are effective in preventing and treating the new coronavirus Antibiotics work only against bacteria and not viruses.
It gets transmitted through animals which also include pets. The virus may have come from the animals but there is no evidence of it so far and your pets do not fall into that equation. It is advised to wash your hands after coming in contact with animals to protect yourself from bacterias like E.coli or Salmonella.

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Profile: Facts Vs Fake [Latest Update]

Note: Please do not fall prey for any of the above-listed myths. Prevention is the best cure we all have at hand. By means of this educational platform, let us join hands and show our support by spreading awareness to whomsoever you meet. Ask them to spread the correct information further. Spread the awareness before the infection spreads. 


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Profile: Facts Vs Fake [Latest Update]

If you have any queries on this topic, please feel free to comment.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Profile: Facts Vs Fake [Latest Update]


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