A Collection of Information is Called

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

collection of information is called data. Data can be described as a collection of discrete units of information that convey facts, statistics or other units of meaning. These facts can be used to reason, calculate or plan, which is why it is useful. In a computer, data is typically expressed in the form of numbers.


A collection of information is called Data

Since the invention of computers, data is mostly used to refer to computer information that is transmitted or stored. In computing, data is translated into a form that is efficient for processing. However, data is not limited to only computing. Data can be any information written on paper or inside the memory of electronic devices or even stored in an individual’s mind.


A Collection of Information is Called

A collection of information is called as data and it refers to nay information written on paper, stored in the memory of an electronic device or even the information stored in a person’s mind. Data can be used to plan, calculate or predict outcomes and is extremely useful.


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