15 Days Section-Wise Preparation Strategy for SSC CGL 2023 Exam

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

15 Days SSC CGL Preparation Strategy: The SSC CGL exam date is knocking at your door and considering this, you all must have completed almost everything from your preferred study material and books. But are you still anxious and nervous about your preparation? Given the fact that only 10-15 days are remaining for this year’s examination, it is the perfect time for aspirants to buckle up and get the best out of their SSC CGL preparation. In this article, we have covered SSC CGL Section Wise Preparation Tips to help you sail through the exam smoothly. Candidates are advised to go through the article for complete information!

SSC CGL 2023 Preparation

SSC conducts the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam for recruitment, and it is one of the most awaited examinations. Every year, lakhs of aspirants apply, but only a few get selected. Candidates preparing for SSC CGL exam must know the exam dates and devise a strategy accordingly. For complete SSC CGL Preparation, you need to complete the syllabus and practice as many mock tests as possible. Our exhaustive SSC CGL 15 days study plan can assist you in streamlining your efforts and determination.

SSC CGL Preparation Strategy

SSC CGL 2023 is around the corner and students are leaving no stone unturned in their preparation, below we are providing the SSC CGL preparation strategy in detail for advanced preparation in the last 10-15 days.

Effective Tips to Prepare for SSC CGL

Since only 15 days are remaining, the best thing to do is to concentrate more on the revision. We recommend not starting any new chapters which you have not studied earlier. In the last 15 days, revise all the important formulae, topics, and rules. You can prepare short notes as well. Some important tips can help you with the preparation part.

  • Revise all the main topics as much as you can.
  • Solve SSC CGL mock tests and SSC CGL previous year’s question papers. You must take at least one Mock Test every day to enhance your preparations and analyze your performance.
  • Effective time management is crucial in these last 15 days of preparation. Time yourself section-wise.
  • Allot time for every section and try to complete each section in that time frame only.
  • Do not overburden yourself. Recreational breaks are a necessity to refresh your mind. Try to take some breaks in between study times.
  • Take regular sleep and proper care of your diet. Without rest and a healthy diet, your brain won’t be able to focus correctly. 
  • Avoid Guesswork! If you are uncertain about a question then it’s better to leave that and solve the ones in which you are confident. 

If you follow a disciplined and dedicated revision strategy, this study plan can add the Midas touch to your SSC CGL preparation in 15 days. Implement your study goals, revise the topics, and execute your strategies.

SSC CGL 15 Days Preparation Plan

You are a few days away from the exam, and in order to achieve a good score, you must have a smart approach. We have prepared this plan after section-wise in-depth analysis in order to devise a strategy to help you sail through this exam. Take a look at the SSC CGL section-wise preparation plan below.


Time Duration for learning and preparing questions and methods.

The time duration to revise tricks, concepts, and learned formulas.


2.5- 3 hours (1-2 topics)

15 minutes

General Knowledge

1.5 Hours (Morning Hours are better)

15 Minutes


1 Hour

15 minutes

Quantitative Aptitude

4 Hours (1- 2 Topics)

30 minutes

You must be aware that there are four sections in the SSC CGL exam, and each of them comprises different topics. You can have a daily schedule of revision and preparation at your convenience, but we recommend you try to follow the above program.

Important: Do not forget to share your SSC CGL exam experience with us. Fill out the exam form and we will call you to take the exam overview.

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SSC CGL Section Wise Preparation Tips

If you want to score higher, you have to generate a firm approach towards each section of the exam. You must do the topic-wise revision for these sections in the remaining 15 days. Refer to the SSC CGL Section Wise Preparation Tips in detail for each section:

Quantitative Aptitude Section:

  • This section contains Arithmetic, Data Interpretation, Algebra, Geometry, and other math topics. Arithmetic and Data interpretation are amongst the scoring categories covering almost 60-70 per cent of this section.
  • This Section has Math questions, so you must have a hold over mathematical formulas to solve the problems.
  • Learn Short-cut Methods to improve the speed of calculation. Try to remember things like squares, tables, and square roots to gain accuracy and speed.

English Section:

  • This section tests your Vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension skills.
  • Practice at least 3-4 comprehension passages every day. The trick is to read the questions before reading the passage thoroughly, so you can find the answer while reading the passage.
  • Solve 30 grammar questions daily and revise your basic grammar.

Reasoning Section:

  • This section tests the applicant’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • We suggest solving a minimum of 40-50 Reasoning questions every day.
  • Try to answer at least 20 questions with high accuracy in 15-20 minutes.

General Knowledge and General Awareness Section:

This section tests the aspirant’s general awareness of the situations around him/her and its application to society. It also contains questions about current events as well.

  1. Read daily news and current affairs of the last 3 months at least from BYJU’S Exam Prep.
  2. The SSC CGL’s general awareness section also contains questions from Dead or static GK. So, along with current affairs, also emphasize Politics, History, and General Science.
  3. Make a note of all the national and international events, important days and dates, etc.

More from GA section: How to Prepare Current Affairs for SSC Exams 2023?

We suggest that you must focus on your aim to crack the SSC CGL Exam and move one step closer to your dream job. This exam is your gateway to the next competitive phase of SSC CGL Tier-2.

Computer Proficiency

The section on computer proficiency is simple to cover, but candidates should review it frequently. This section covers computer fundamentals such as MS Office, Internet usage, networking, hardware, input and output devices, and so on. Candidates can prepare for this section by using basic computer books designed specifically for competitive exams.


Candidates applying for the position of Junior Statistical Officer must take the Statistics paper in the SSC CGL Tier II examination. This is regarded as one of the most difficult sections. Candidates should be well-versed in the statistics syllabus as this will aid in their understanding of the topics. Examine previous year’s questions to learn how each topic is weighted. You will be able to properly divide your time for the important topics once you understand the weightage of each topic.

Finance & Economics

Candidates applying for the position of Assistant Account Officer/Assistant Audit Officer in SSC CGL Tier II must take the Finance & Economics Paper. This section can be challenging for candidates due to the extensive syllabus and topics that must be covered in depth. However, the right preparation strategy and consistency can help you answer questions more easily. Try to solve as many mock tests and previous year’s question papers as possible.

Typing Test

It is mandatory for all candidates to pass the typing test. The only preparation strategy for a typing test is daily practise. Keep track of your speed and spelling errors by writing one or two paragraphs every day. Practice will improve your speed over time.


You have worked hard, prepared yourself, and revised all the topics. You followed the SSC CGL section-wise strategy for 15 days and are ready for the exam. It doesn’t matter how well-primed and ready you are if you lose your composure or hope during the examination.

Your calmness, awareness, and relaxed mind along with your hard work decide whether you qualify for this exam or not. Be confident and attempt all you can accurately and timely.

All The Best !!! 


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