1 crore is equal to how many millions?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

1 crore is equal to 10 million. While 1 crore is a value in the Indian number system, 1 million is a value in the International number system. To know how many millions are in 1 crore, one needs to consider both systems and how many zeroes are there in 1 crore and 1 million. A crore has 8 digits with 7 zeroes whereas a million has 7 digits with 6 zeroes.

1 crore is How Many Millions?

Taking the Indian and International Number Systems into consideration, one will find that 1 crore is 10 million. We have explained how this is calculated below.

In the Indian Number System, 1 crore = 1,00,00,000

In International Number System, 1 million = 1,000,000

To convert the crore into millions, it is important to take into consideration how many zeroes are in each. 1 crore has 7 zeroes whereas 1 million has 6 zeroes. Now, to find the value of 1 crore in millions, we will add an extra zero to the million. This will give us the following solution.

1 crore = 10 million

Thus, the value of 1 crore equals the value of 10 million.

Difference Between Crore and Million

In the Indian number system, crore is written as 10000000. There are 7 zeroes in 1 crore. On the other hand, in the International number system, 1 million is written as 1000000 or simply a million. This amount is known as a thousand-thousand and it has only 6 zeroes. In 1 crore, there are 10 million.

As the place values in both systems are different, hence, there is a significant difference in how numbers are written in both systems due to which it is important to always consider the number of zeroes to have a proper understanding.


1 crore is equal to how many millions?

1 crore is equal to the value of 10 million. After taking into consideration the Indian number system and the International number system and analyzing the number of zeroes, one can convert the crore into a million easily.

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