15 Reasons Why You Should Prepare For The Government Jobs and Exams in 2022-23

By Ashwini Shivhare|Updated : October 21st, 2022

A government job in the public sector gives job stability, fixed pay structure, limited working hours, and a fair chance of promotion and increment. In the next 1.5 years, the Union Government plans to generate 10 lakh jobs nationwide. For everyone looking for a government job who has been waiting for a vacancy, it will undoubtedly be a fantastic opportunity. The same topic was covered in a tweet from Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning.

To help you understand all the benefits of a government job, in this article, we have provided 15 key reasons why you should utilize this time to prepare for a government job.

15 Reasons for Preparation of Government Jobs and Exams in 2022-23

Here is a list of 15 reasons why you should think to prepare for Government Job Exams: 

1. Respect in Society

Getting a government job is still considered a tough nut to crack and if you have cleared one you will enjoy a good reputation in society. Most government jobs provide you with a fair amount of power and authority which you can use to improve society.

2. Promotion Based on Service Period

Unlike the private sector where many a time promotions & increments are based on favoritism, there in the public sector, the promotion is mainly based on the service period and record of the employee. The longer the service period and the better the service record the greater the chances of promotion and increment. However, this also depends on the vacancy available in the zone of posting.

3. Government Service is Service to the Nation

In government service, by rendering your service to the nation you are directly part of the nation-building. And in the process, you are also making money and relishing it.

4. Less Work Pressure

Most of the jobs in the government sector have limited working hours and are quite less stressful when compared to the jobs of the private sector. If the job is desk-based, then it will mainly be clerical in nature and as you know clerical jobs have a fixed process, unlike the private sector where the process keeps changing as per the need of the industry.
However, you have to also consider government jobs which have public dealing those can be quite hectic sometimes.

5. Pursue Your Personal Hobbies

As mentioned earlier, most government jobs have a less workload compared to private-sector jobs which give you enough free time. You can utilize your free time to pursue your personal hobbies such as reading books, playing an instrument, acting in plays or enjoy a good amount of social life.
Also, if you want to prepare for further higher-level government job exams then you will get ample time for preparation.

6. Appropriate Pay Structure

Gone are those days when people use to think that in the private sector you can earn better than in the public sector. Now, looking at the current scenario, after the implementation of the 7th pay commission, the salary of a government employee is at par with the salary of a private sector employee. Hence, there is no reason to think that you will get less salary compared to the private sector.

7. Survive Without Any Skill

As stated above, most of the government jobs are clerical and does not require any special skill, if it all required then those can be easily acquired in the training period.
However, in the private sector, you have to be on your toes to quickly learn any special skill which is required to perform your daily duties.

8. Work-Life Balance

Government employees can easily maintain a balance of both work and their personal life. This is because of the fixed working hours in the government sector. For most government employees, if the working hours start from 9:30 AM then it will surely end by 6:30 PM which is why they are able to return to their home by 7:30 PM and then enjoy their personal space with friends or family.

9. On-Time Salary

Another best part about the government job is that you get a salary on a fixed date whether there is an economic depression or the country economy is booming. In any of these situations, you will get a salary on time which is either on the last working day of the month or the first day of the upcoming month. Whereas in the case of a private job, salary date depends mostly on the company’s profit. Sometimes, when companies do not make a profit, they hold the salary of the employees, and as you know for the middle class, their daily needs are majorly met through the salary that they get every month. Therefore, aspirants also prefer government job for the on-time salary.

10. Accommodation Facility

This is another facility that attracts most of the aspirants towards a government job. In Tier 1 cities where renting a house is quite costly and burns a hole in pocket of most of the private sector employees, public sector employees are quite secured through either the HRA given to them or the accommodation/ government quarters provided to them. Also, most of the time these government quarters are sited in the posh locality which is also an added advantage for government employees.

11. Different Type of Allowances

Being a government employee, you will get many types of allowances such as Dearness Allowance (DA), Transport Allowance (TA), House Rental Allowance (HRA), Children Education Allowance, Overtime Allowance, and Other Compensatory Allowance. DA is given to employees to control the inflation factor, it occurs twice a year, first from January to June and then from July to December. TA is rendered to the government employees to meet the travelling expenses that they have incurred in performing their duties. HRA is provided to the government employees if they do not get a quarter or opt-out from it. Other allowances are need-based and differ from post to post.  

12. Medical Facilities

In this era where proper healthcare service has become a luxury, a medical facility can be a boon for government employees. As a government employee, you don’t need to worry about medical expenses, the government is liable to bear the medical expenses not just for you but for your entire family. Even the expense of complicated surgeries will be taken care of by the government which in reality can cost you lakhs of rupees if you do not have proper health insurance.

13. Benefits of Paid Leaves

Another major reason why most of the aspirant's favour government jobs over private jobs is that government jobs have enough paid leaves. The paid leave involves Privilege Leave (PL), Casual Leave (CL), Medical Leave (ML), Maternity Leave (ML), Paternity Leave (PL), Earned Leaves (EL), etc. There will be no salary deductions in these types of leaves.
In addition to the paid leaves, you can also avail of study leaves for 24 months, however, this kind of leave is unpaid leave.

14. Pension After Retirement

Another perk of a government job is that you get a pension after your retirement which is not seen in private jobs. Pension at old age is like insurance for you to survive after your retirement. You do not need to bother much about saving money in your working years as you are assured that you will get a fixed income after your retirement.
However, it is to also be noted that some of the jobs in the private sector are now covered by government schemes such as NPS which gives the same benefits as that of the public sector employees.  

15. Earn Some Extra Money

As you are assured of a fixed income in the government job, you can earn some extra money either through trading in stocks (for this you should first obtain a good knowledge) or teaching students in your off days or investing the saved money in real estate or other businesses.
We suggest you not think of earning through dishonest means as, after strict implementation of corruption laws you can even lose your job if found guilty.   

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