Data Converters

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Feb 8, 2021, 9:02

Natural things emit information in the form of analog signals. For example, the sun emits heat energy; tube bulbs emit fluorescent radiation, leaves emit moisture and oxygen. All these physical quantities can be read as analog signals. But the analog signals cannot be read by normal human beings. Hence to convert these physical quantities into a numerical value, we use data converters. BYJU'S Exam Prep is an excellent platform for learning all these concepts through interactive data converters online tests.

Data converter forms an essential part of GATE ECE and other engineering exams. You must prepare well for the data converters GATE syllabus to score well good numb to get good numbers in the exam.

Important Data converters Topics for GATE ECE

The applications and implications are the main data converters topics for GATE ME. These topics form an important part of the data converters gate questions. Other than this there are different types of data converters. 



Analog to Digital Converters

The interface converts the analog signals to digital signals.

Digital to Analog Converters

The interface that converts digital signals to analog signals.


The small amount of change required to read an analog input as a binary output.

Tips to Solve Data converters questions

Here are some good tips that you can follow while attempting the cam questions in the exam.

  • Have a good grip on the mathematical derivation part of this topic, such as the resolution amount and the conversion time.
  • You should use different learning platforms to prepare for the data converters gate questions and answers PDF for revisions.
  • Practice the online data converters quiz that will help you analyze your preparation strategies.
  • You should use the basic resolution time formula which is: Resolution = 1/(2^n), where n is the number of bits as output.

Importance of Data converters in GATE 

Data converters are important in mechanical devices, and GATE asks these questions frequently. Here’s how this topic is important for GATE.

  • Data converters for GATE ECE and computer science test your engineering ability to change the physical outputs in a readable format such as digital signals.
  • You also simultaneously need to know the frequency, communication concepts to answer these data converters' MCQ questions. Hence GATE also tests your ability to connect topics with real life-applications.
  • The topic has a weightage of around 2%-5% in the GATE exam.
  • It gives relevance to real-life applications, including radios, TV signals.

Most Recommended Data converters Books for GATE ECE

Here are some recommended books that provide the best data converters study material for gate ME and a source of data converters notes for GATE PDF.

Book Name


Analog and Digital Signal Systems

RK Rao

The Scientist & Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing

Steven W. Smith

Digital Communications

Michael Rice

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Q. What are the data converters?

Data converters are devices that can convert analog signals to digital signals and vice versa. They are used in mechanical devices that deal with signals of any kin

Q. Name the different types of data converters used in the mechanical engineering industry?

There are two broad categories of data converters. They are analog-to-digital converters and the digital-to-analog converter

Q. What is the resolution specification in data converters?

Resolution is the minimum amount of quantity change needed to convert the analog input into the binary form digital output.

Q. Can data converters be attached in any mechanical devices?

Yes, data converters can be attached to different devices that deal with the signals and its processing

Q. In what other exams, data converters topic comes other than GATE?

Cam is an essential mechanical engineering topic and comes in many exams, including the IES, ONGC, Railways and more.