Digital Circuits

By : Rahul Ranjan

Find the best Digital Circuits notes for GATE & Electronics and Communication engineering here. We have combined the best study notes to make the GATE ECE exam preparation one level up. Digital Circuits subject is very important in terms of understanding the elementary principle and basic logical operations of circuit. Thus it includes various topics and solutions with examples that describe the logical system behind generating the signal in the circuit. Although, there are some of the technical sections and queries that you need to understand properly.

To make your understanding level easy we have comprised the list of all Digital Circuits study notes for electronics and communication engineering in the tables in the form of important topic wise material, weightage analysis, formulas, best preparation books, day-wise study plan, champion plan and rapid revision notes etc.

GATE Study Material

Important Topics

GATE EC: Important Topics for Digital Circuits

Weightage Analysis

GATE EC Weightage Analysis for Digital Circuits

Important Formulas

Important Formulas for Digital Circuits

Best Books for Study

Books to prepare for Digital Circuits

Combo Quiz

EC Practice Quiz Combo for Digital Circuits

Study Plan (Day-wise)
Champion Study Plan

GATE EC Champion Study plan: Notes & Revision for Digital Circuits

Rapid Revision Plan

GATE EC Rapid Revision Study Notes on Digital Circuits

Digital Circuits Notes for Electronics and Communication Engineering

TopicImportant Study Notes
Logic Families
Combinatorial Circuits
Data Converters
Number Systems
Semiconductor Memories
Sequential Circuits


Digital Circuits