GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2022: Review, Difficulty Level, Attempts

GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2022: Review, Difficulty Level, Attempts

ByVineet Vijay  |  Updated on: Feb 6, 2022
GATE Electronics & Communication Exam Analysis 2022 has been released. Analysis for GATE ECE 2022 will help the candidates to evaluate their performance in the examination and what to expect from the result accordingly.
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GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2022 has been released. After the successful commencement of the GATE EC exam 2022, a paper analysis has been released here. Here, we have explored all types of questions in the GATE Electronics Communication 2022 exam paper and understand the level of the question paper, topic-wise weightage, and a lot more. This will also help us to understand the expected cut-off from the exam.

GATE ECE Paper Analysis 2022

GATE ECE Paper Analysis 6th February 2022: GATE 2022 Exam for Electronics & Communications (EC) paper has been conducted on 6th February 2022 in the forenoon session (9:00 AM-12:00 PM). It is expected that candidates must have prepared rigorously for this ultimate exam to achieve their desired goals. With the help of GATE ECE paper review, candidates can get idea of successful attempts of the questions.

We have provided you with the GATE Electronics Exam Analysis after the GATE ECE 2022 exam has been conducted. GATE 2021 exam was conducted by IIT Kharagpur. You can check out the GATE Electronics & Communication (ECE) Exam Analysis 2022  in the subsequent paragraph here. BYJU'S Exam Prep mentors have shared the detailed exam analysis for GATE ECE 2022 exam along with weightage and memory-based questions. Also, BYJU'S Exam Prep will release the GATE ECE answer key (unofficial) to help you analyse your performance. You will get a good idea about the expected cut off as well. Check the GATE ECE Youtube analysis 2022 below

GATE ECE Exam Analysis 2022

GATE ECE Expected Cutoff 2022

GATE ECE Answer Key 2022

GATE ECE Question Paper 2022


Important Highlights of GATE EC 2022 Forenoon Shift

  • GATE 2022 ECE paper was moderate to tough.
  • There were 14 MSQ, 18 NAT and 33 MCQ questions asked on the paper.
  • General Aptitude level was easy to moderate and Engineering Math was slightly difficult.

GATE EC Exam Analysis 6th February 2022: Weightage Analysis & Difficulty Level



Total Marks

1 Mark

2 Marks

Network Theory




Analog Circuits




Digital Circuits




Control System




Signals & System




Communication System








Electronic Devices & Circuits




Engineering Mathematics




General Aptitude









Memory-based Questions Asked in GATE EC 2022

1. Select the correct statement(s) regarding the CMOS implement NOT gates:

  1. Noise Margin High is always equal to the Noise Margin Low irrespective of the sizing of the transistors.
  2. Dynamic power consumption during switching is always zero.
  3. For a logical high input under steady-state, the MOSFET is the linear regime of the operations.
  4. The mobility of electrons never influences the switching speed of the NOT gate.

2. Consider the Boolean gate where the output y is related to the inputs A and B as, Y=A+B where + denotes logical or operation. The Boolean inputs '0' and '1' are also available separately using instances of only D gates and inputs 0 and 1 ______

  1. OR Logic can not be implemented.
  2. NOR Logic can not be implemented.
  3. AND Logic can not be implemented.
  4. NAND Logic can not be implemented.

3. In a circuit, there is a series connection of an ideal resistor and an ideal capacitor. The conduction current (in Amperes) through the resistor is 2 sin(t+ pi/2). The displacement current (in Amps) through the capacitor is _____

  1. 2 sin(t+ pi)
  2. 2 sin(t)
  3. 2 sin(t+ pi/2)
  4. 0

4. A waveguide consists of two parallel plates (perfect conductors) at a separation of 10-4 with air as the dielectric. Assume the speed of light ht in the air to be 3*10^8 m/s. The frequency/frequencies of TM waves that can propagate in this waveguide is/are

  1. 6*10^15 Hz
  2. 8*10^14 Hz
  3. 1*10^15 Hz
  4. 0.5*10^12 Hz

GATE Electronics Exam Analysis 2022: Good Attempts

Candidates can check the number of good attempts for the GATE ECE 2022 exam. This will boost the confidence of GATE EC aspirants until the official GATE response sheet is published by IIT Kharagpur.

GATE ECE Expected Cutoff 2022

The expected cut-off for the GATE EC 2022 Exam will be provided soon.

GATE ECE Previous Year Cutoff 2021

Candidates can check the GATE previous year cut-off marks for the Electronics & Communications Engineering paper of the GATE 2021, 2020, and 2019 exams.






GATE 2021

Electronics & Communications




GATE 2020

Electronics & Communications




GATE 2019

Electronics & Communications


GATE ECE Paper Analysis and Weightage 2021

Below is the detailed GATE EC 2021 exam analysis including topics asked in the exam along with the number of questions.

Total Marks
1 Mark2 Marks
General Aptitude5515
Power System4412
Engineering Maths4412
Electric Circuits3411
Power Electronics149
Signal & Systems238
Control System238
Electrical Machines238
Analog Electronics226
Digital Electronics113
Electrical Measurement202
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Highlights of GATE ECE Previous Year Exam

Here wer are providing you with the GATE ECE Previous Year exam analysis for your convenience.

GATE Electronics Exam Analysis 2021

  • The overall level of GATE 2021 ECE paper was "Moderate to Difficult".
  • Questions asked in GATE EC exam was lengthy and time taking.
  • More weightage is given to EDC and EMFT, 15 & 11 marks respectively.
  • Total 30 NAT questions were found in the paper with 1 mark 10 and 20 were 2 marks questions.
  • 1 & 2 Marks questions were not in sequence, questions came in random order.

Check out GATE ECE Previous Year Question Paper

GATE EC Exam Analysis FAQs

  • GATE ECE paper analysis 2022 will cover the section wise review, good attempts, difficulty level, memory-based questions PDF, answer key of the exam.

  • The detailed analysis for GATE ECE 2022 Paper will be provided here once the exam has been conducted.

  • GATE EC 2022 exam is scheduled to be held in February 2022. The exam dates for the GATE EC 2022 is February 6, 2022.

  • With a valid GATE  ECscore, you can get jobs in PSUs across the country.

  • A total of 180 minutes are allowed to complete the GATE Electronics exam 2022.


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