GATE ECE Selection Process 2023: Check Marking Scheme & Normalization

GATE ECE Selection Process 2023: Check Marking Scheme & Normalization

ByAina Parasher  |  Updated on: Jul 18, 2022
Read all about the GATE Electronics & Communication Engineering Selection Process 2023. Skim through the content to check marking scheme of the GATE ECE 2023 exam. Find out about the score Normalization.

GATE Electronics & Communication Engineering Selection Process 2023 is the complete procedure aspiring candidates should know to clear the GATE ECE exam. The GATE ECE selection process 2023 includes a written exam which needs to be cleared by the candidates.

The details of the complete GATE ECE selection process are given below in an elaborated way. Candidates must also be aware of the marking scheme so they can easily make their way through the exam. 

GATE ECE Selection Process 2023

GATE ECE Selection process comprises of a written exam which many aspirants take. It is a national-level exam taken by candidates from across the country. IIT Kanpur, the conducting body, undertakes the written exam. The score obtained in the GATE ECE exam should be enough to meet or clear the GATE ECE cutoff. Those who manage to meet the GATE Cutoff will be selected for the opportunities related to GATE. 

Candidates should apply to all the institutes/universities individually as per the latest notification. Aspirants should know that IIT will not conduct common counselling. For NIT admissions to the NITs, candidates must appear for the CCMT (Centralised Counselling for M. Tech/M. Plan). There will be a test/interview-based selection procedure in which a minimum of 70% weightage is allotted to the performance in the GATE exam, and the rest 30% is given to the candidate’s performance in test/interview and/or academic record. 

Normalisation of Marks in the GATE ECE Exam

It has been believed that "The distribution of abilities of candidates is the same across all the sessions in all multi-session GATE papers". It is justified since the number of candidates appearing in multi-session papers in GATE ECE is large and the selection procedure of allocation of session to candidates is random. 

  • Further, in the same multi-session paper, the number of candidates allotted in each session is of the same order of magnitude. 
  • Based on the above and considering various normalization methods, the committee arrived at the following formula for calculating the normalized marks for the multi-session papers.

GATE Electronics & Communication Engineering Highlights

Before appearing for the examination, candidates must be aware of the GATE Electronics and Communication Engineering selection process 2023 to prepare effectively. Further, candidates can check the highlights of the GATE ECE exam listed in the table below.



Examination Mode

Computer Based Test (Online)


3 Hours


General Aptitude (GA) and

Candidate Selected Subject

Type of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs),

Multiple Select Questions (MSQ), and

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

Design of Questions


Analysis and synthesis



Number of Questions

10 (GA) + 55 (subject) = 65 Questions

Total Marks

100 Marks

Marking Scheme

All of the questions will be worth 1 or 2 marks

GATE ECE Marking Scheme

The GATE ECE exam consists of a total of 65 questions worth 100 marks. The core subject accounts for around 72 percent of the total marks, whereas Engineering Mathematics accounts for 13 percent of the total marks. The General Aptitude section carries a 15 percent weighting in the overall score. The marking scheme of the exam is as follows.

  • For 1-mark MCQs, 1/3 mark will be deducted for every incorrect attempt.
  • In the case of 2-mark MCQs, the candidate will be penalized 2/3 mark for the wrong attempt
  • For questions that aren’t attempted, zero marks will be awarded.
  • There is no negative marking for numerical answer type (NAT) questions.

Paper Code

General Aptitude (GA) Marks

Subject Marks

Total Marks

Total Time (Minutes)






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GATE ECE Selection Process FAQs

  • The GATE ECE selection process consists of a computer-based test with questions of multiple choice, multiple select, and numerical answer type questions.

  • Candidates who clear the GATE ECE exam will obtain a scorecard with their GATE Score. This score will be used in the counselling process.

  • The GATE ECE exam is of 100 marks. The marks distribution based on the sections is given below.

    • General Aptitude- 15%
    • Engineering Mathematics- 13%
    • Electronics and Communication Engineering topics- 72%
  • The following types of questions will be asked in GATE ECE exam.

    • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs),
    • Multiple Select Questions (MSQ), and
    • Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions


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