Number Systems For GATE ECE Exam

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Feb 8, 2021, 8:47

Number Systems is the method of representing numerical in different types. It is a vital topic of the Quant section of GATE EE and ECE. Whether you will appear for GATE EE, GATE Civil, GATE EE, GATE Mechanical, or GATE ECE, Number systems play an essential role in understanding the working of modern technology. As the computer understands machine language, typically in binary numbers, Number systems help the candidates design the components accordingly. Check out the important number systems notes for GATE ECE and the number systems syllabus for GATE ECE to target the Quantitative section efficiently.

Important Number Systems Topics for GATE ECE



Types of Number Systems

Four major types of Number systems are:

  • Binary Number Systems
  • Decimal Number Systems
  • Octal Number Systems
  • Hexadecimal Number Systems

Binary Codes

It represents the binary number system as per the other number systems.

Binary Coded Decimal

It is about decimal number coding using BCD encoding technique.


Complements simplify the subtraction operation and logical manipulation in digital computers.

Representation of Integers

Three types of representing numbers are:

  • Signed Magnitude method
  • 1's complement method
  • 2's complement method

Tips to Solve Number Systems Questions for GATE

  • Learn to solve the basics: The candidate should start from the fundamental question to quickly and vividly grasp the chapters. Starting from the comfortable and essential questions, they should move ahead to the medium-level and then the tough questions. Solve different number systems MCQ questions for better understanding.
  • Check your performance after each test: One of the best ways to analyse your level is to solve number systems online quizzes. Lastly, check your grade and try to strengthen your weak points.
  • Analyse the tricky conversions' base: The number system's essential segment is its conversion, wherein students often get confused. Solve different number systems GATE questions and answers PDF to know the hidden logic to solve them quickly.

Importance of Number Systems in GATE ECE

  • Computers understand numbers: Whatever input we feed into the computer, it translates into numbers and conveys the result in our language. Number systems form the core of computer applications, without which it cannot function. Number systems notes for GATE PDF will surely help you out.
  • Defines mathematical principles: With a thorough understanding of number systems GATE notes and their content, you learn about mathematics's various principles. Binary numbers are the prime source to understand the computational task and machine language.
  • Highly scoring: Number systems are the easiest part of the GATE ECE exam, allowing one to enhance the scoring. Moreover, converting one number system to another is pretty easy if you grasp the concepts well.
  • Understand the core of modern technology: Unlike traditional concepts, modern number systems follow the decimal number system approach. Computer and other technology converts the input into binary digits and computes the further tasks. Without the knowledge of number systems, you cannot understand technological working. Hence, as a candidate appearing in the GATE exam, you should have precise knowledge of the number systems GATE syllabus.

Most Recommended Number Systems Books

You will get limitless options of number systems books and exclusive books of number systems for computer science while fetching the market. Take a look at the shortlisted books that are best for learning number systems for GATE:



The Number System

HA Thurston

Introduction to Number Theory

Dr. Ather Aziz Raina, Dr. Bilal Ahmad Chat, Dr. Ajaz Ahmad Wani

Number Systems and the Foundation of Analysis

Elliot Mendelson

The Number Systems

Solomon Feferman

Why Prepare Number Systems from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

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Q. How to solve different number systems MCQ questions?

Follow the conversion steps precisely to solve different number systems GATE questions.

Q. What are the four types of number systems?

The common types of number systems are the Binary number system with a base of 2, decimal number system, with a base of 10, octal number system, 8, and hexadecimal number system, with a base of 16.

Q. What is the number system?

Number system represents numbers in the computer architecture, aiding information exchange between an individual and the computer.

Q. What is the number system base in a computer?

The computer understands the binary number system, which has a base of 2.

Q. Why are number systems topics for GATE ECE important?

Number systems help in representing numbers in a symbolic set, making the calculations easier and efficient. Check out number systems study material for GATE ECE.