Analog Circuit

By : Rahul Ranjan

Find here Analog Circuit notes for GATE and Electronics & Communication Engineering exam preparation. The notes are very important to study ECE exam. The below study material is collected to help you starting with basics of Analog circuit. The analogue circuit subject occupies a place in both GATE exams (ECE & EE). Thus some of the topics can be considered as an essential approach to be focused on. We have managed a list of best study notes of Analog Circuit that are consist of important topics, weightage analysis, basic formulas, the best book to study, combo quizzes, day-wise study plan, champion study plan & revision study notes.

Analog Circuit Notes for GATE

Important Topics

GATE EC: Important Topics for Analog Circuits

Weightage Analysis

GATE EC Weightage Analysis for Analog Circuits


Important Formulas for Analog Circuits

Best Books to Read

Best books for Analog Circuits

Combo Quiz

EC Practice Quiz Combo for Analog Circuits

Study Plan (Day-wise)
Champion Study Plan

GATE EC Champion Study plan: Notes & Revision for Analog Circuits

Revision Study Notes

GATE EC Rapid Revision Study Notes on Analog Circuits

Analog Circuit Notes for Electronics & Communication Engineering

TopicsImportant Study Notes
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Op-Amp and Voltage Reference Circuits
Circuits Analysis and Applications of Diodes, BJT, FET and MOSFET
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Gate Notes 

Analog Circuits