Transmission lines

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Jan 29, 2021, 8:49

Transmission lines are generally used to transfer electromagnetic energy from a certain point to the other end. Important transmission lines topics for GATE ECE include equations, impedance matching, characteristic impedance, S-parameters, impedance transformation and Smith chart, etc. While preparing for the GATE exam, students should collect complete transmission lines study material for GATE ECE. GATE is a challenging exam, and every year cut-offs are very high. So, a good revision of all the transmission lines GATE questions is necessary for the students. Students can start their preparation by solving various transmission lines MCQ questions on online exam preparation platforms.

Important Transmission Lines Topics for GATE ECE

Here are some of the very important topics that you should study in-depth for Transmission lines for the GATE ECE exam. 



Balanced two-wire

In telecommunications, a transmission line is a balanced signal pair consisting of two conductors with equal impedances to the ground and equal impedances along their lengths. Other circuits are known as balanced two-wire.

Coaxial Cable

It is an electrical cable consisting of an inner conductor enclosed by a conduct concentric shield with two dielectric separations.


A waveguide is a type of structure that guides sound or electromagnetic waves such as microwaves and radio waves.


It is a famous transmission line as photolithographic processes make it and integrate merely with either passive or active microwave devices.

Fibre Optic

Fibre optics are fabricated by plastic or drawing glass to diameter, and it is a bit thicker than a human being’s hair.

Tips to prepare Transmission lines Questions for GATE

  • Memorise all the transmission lines related formulas such as wave velocity and wavelength by heart. This enables you to solve questions from this section in less than a minute. 
  • Few weeks before the exam, attempt a transmission line quiz from any online exam preparation platform to clear your confusion.
  • Cover the entire transmission lines syllabus for GATE. Do not leave out any single topic.
  • Collect previous 3 or 4 years’ transmission lines GATE questions and answers pdf and solve all the problems to improve your practice.

Importance of Transmission lines Section in GATE ECE

  • Almost 18 to 20 questions are asked from transmission lines. These questions will help the students to achieve a high score on the GATE.
  • The experimental questions from transmission lines for computer science students help solve computing and discrete mathematics questions.
  • Unlike other subjects, solving transmission line questions takes less time.
  • The transmission lines GATE syllabus is essential for the GATE exam. In the Electromagnetic field transmission lines topic covers 15% of weightage.

Most recommended books for Transmission lines 

 The transmission lines book is readily available in book shops. For preparing transmission lines notes for ECE and GATE examination, you can buy some of the below-recommended books from any nearby bookshop in the market.



Transmission Lines and Wave Propagation

  • Philip C.Magnusson
  • Gerald C. Alexander
  • Vijai K.Tripathi
  • Andreas Weisshaar


Structural Engineering of Transmission Lines

Peter Catchpole

Transmission Line Protection Using Digital technology

  • Vijay H.Makwana
  • Bhavesh R.Bhalja

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are transmission lines used?

To transmit electrical power from substation generating to different distribution units transmission lines are used.

QWhat is the transmission line?

A transmission line is the conductor’s structure that can transfer the electrical signals from one place to another.

Q. Can we say transmission lines are AC?

Yes, almost all the transmission lines are high voltage alternating current (AC) of three-phase

Q. How many years’ transmission lines can last?

If transmission lines remain clean, then these transmission lines can last up to 100 years.

Q. How much voltage is there in transmission lines?

In the long-distance transmission lines, typical voltage ranges from 155,000 to 765,000 volts.