Sequential Circuits

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Feb 8, 2021, 7:38

A sequential circuit follows combinational logic. For a sequential circuit for GATE ECE, you have an input variable denoted by (X) and logic gates, that is, the computational circuit, and one output variable (Z). In the case of a Sequential circuit – it generates an output based on preceding input variables and the present input. Sequential Circuit questions are common in various competitive exams like IIT JEE and GATE.

The Sequential Circuits syllabus for GATE consists of the sequential circuit and logic gate questions. You can refer to many Sequential Circuits MCQ questions, Sequential Circuits quiz, and Sequential Circuits GATE questions to understand its basics and practice the topic online or from books dedicated to GATE examinations.

Important Sequential Circuits topic for GATE ECE



Asynchronous Circuit

Asynchronous circuits use input pulse and not click signal. They are faster than synchronous circuits as the clock pulse changes the present state instantly when there is a change of state in the input signal.

Get a detailed analysis of this type of sequential circuits in the latest Sequential Circuits study material for GATE ECE online.

·   Don't use a clock signal.

·   Independent of clock pulse

Synchronous Circuit


In this type of circuit clock signals and pulsed inputs are used.

The output pulse in this circuit takes equal time as the clock pulse for the synchronous circuit.

The sequential circuit then waits for the next pulse hence it is slower than asynchronous circuits. The output pulse level changes state at the beginning of the input pulse and remains in it until the next pulse.

·   Utilises Clock Signal

·   Slower than asynchronous circuit

Tips to solve sequential circuit questions for GATE

  • Understand the concept of sequential circuits and the logic behind them. You can get access to many Sequential Circuits notes for GATE pdf, Sequential Circuits MCQ pdf, and Sequential Circuits GATE notes that you can refer to for practising the circuit questions.
  • Most of the questions for Sequential Circuits topics for GATE ECE are multiple-choice. Hence, you can practise the Sequential Circuits online quiz to choose the right answer from the options.
  • The sequential circuits' design is given in most questions, but you have to practise building the circuit diagrams for the questions without them.

Importance of Sequential Circuits in GATE

  • Nowadays, digital electronics is seeing progress, and out of the various parts, the one that is receiving widespread prominence is sequential circuits.
  • We need to understand the sequential circuits to gain improved performance of several machines.
  • Learning Sequential circuits is essential because we use them to design Registers, RAM, Counters, and MOORE/MEALY Machines.
  • They are used in the proper functioning of devices that work with less power.

Best Sequential Circuits books for GATE ECE

In the list below, there are some of the top books that you can purchase from any local store for practicing sequential circuit questions for GATE 2021.

Some of the books you can refer to for sequential circuit practice questions for GATE 2021 are listed below.

Book Name


Digital Logic Design

M.H. Hassan

Digital Fundamentals

Thomas Floyd

Digital Design

Morris Mano

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Q. Is flip flop a sequential circuit?

Flip flops are a basic structure of the sequential circuit logic and can store a single binary code at a time. These can be manipulated according to the circuit.

Q. Where can I study Sequential Circuit questions from?

There are a lot of books available online and offline from where you can practice sequential circuit questions. From websites like GradeUp, you can access practice questions from the previous year's GATE papers.

Q. Is it possible to prepare for sequential circuit questions for GATE in just two months?

It is very much possible if you can multitask and be able to juggle your college studies and GATE studies together. A sequential circuit is a short topic in the GATE exam, but it is scoring. Hence, you can easily get acquainted with this topic in 2 months.

Q. What is the correct strategy to study for the GATE exam?It is suggested that you attend classes for preparing for your GATE examination. You can prepare for GATE exams parallelly with your college studies easily. In your 3rd Year, most of the topics in engineering are related to GATE exam questions, so start focusing on those topics well.

Q. What is the weightage of Sequential Circuits in GATE 2021?

Sequential Circuits are a major part of GATE 2021. Twenty-five questions related to this topic are asked from the topic of Combinational and Logic Circuits. The average score of sequential circuit questions in the GATE paper is 1.60.