Continuous-Time Signals

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Jan 29, 2021, 7:33

If you are preparing for your GATE exam, you cannot ignore continuous-time signals. Continuous-time signals are also known as analog signals. They are nothing but signals of continuous amplitude and time. If you are taking the GATE ECE exam, then you need to prepare continuous-time signals topics for GATE ECE. With the right direction and comprehensive study materials on the continuous-time signals syllabus for GATE, you can easily crack the exam. As an electrical engineering student, you must be already well acquainted with the topic. However, to do well in your GATE exams, you have to follow the correct approach.

Important Continuous-Time Signals Topics For GATE ECE

Representation of Continuous and Discrete SignalsIt forms an integral part of continuous-time signals topics for GATE. Around 10 questions are asked about this topic.
Fourier Series Representation of Continuous Periodic SignalsIn these questions, you need to determine the Fourier series's nature based on the given information. You can expect around 8-10 problems from here.
Application of Fourier TransformsThough it is not directly related to continuous-time signals, you can also get quite a few questions from here.

Tips To Solve Continuous-Time Signals Topic for GATE ECE

Following these tips will help you to solve continuous-time signals GATE questions with ease.

  • Note down the continuous-time signals syllabus for GATE.
  • Watch video lectures to get your concepts cleared.
  • Go through the continuous-time signals GATE notes.
  • Make it a habit to solve continuous-time signals online quizzes.
  • Keep a timer while solving the questions. It will help to increase your speed.
  • Try to take mock tests regularly to assess your progress.

Importance Of Continuous-Time Signals Questions for GATE Exam

  • It forms an integral part of the GATE exams for electrical engineering and computer science engineering students.
  • These questions are very scoring.
  • Preparing for continuous-time signals GATE questions helps you to solve other problems on signals and circuits.
  • It also increases your speed so that you can complete your exam on time.

Most Recommended Continuous-Time Signals Books

Given below are the important and the most recommended books for Continuous-time signals for GATE ECE. 

Book and Author Name


Signals and Systems by A Kumar

This is one of the best books to clear your concepts on continuous-time signals. It also contains a continuous-time signals quiz at the end of the chapter.

Signals and Systems by Simon Haykin and Barry Van Veen

If you are looking for an advanced book to prepare the continuous-time signals topics for GATE, you must try this one.

Signals and Systems by Alan V Oppenheim and his colleagues.

This book covers the topics in a lucid and interesting manner.

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Ques. Is it compulsory to attempt the continuous-time signals GATE questions?

 If you are from electrical or computer science engineering, continuous-time signals questions will form a compulsory part of your paper.

Ques. Are continuous-time signals questions scoring?

Yes. These questions form one of the most scoring sections in your GATE exams. You can easily score full marks if you solve them with full concentration.

Ques. Can I skip the questions from continuous-time signals?

It is not advisable to skip these questions. You can attempt them in the beginning if you have a time constraint. However, ignoring these questions is not a prudent thing to do.

Ques. How do I sample a continuous-time signal?

When you are dealing with functions that vary with time, take a continuous function to sample. Do the sampling by measuring the value of continuous function every t seconds, where t stands for the time interval.

Ques. Is time continuous or discrete?

Time could be any number. It always keeps changing. Therefore, it is a continuous variable.