Random processes

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Feb 8, 2021, 7:29

Random process refers to a collection of all the random variables that are indexed by time. These processes signify the mathematical model of random signals. Random processes are most commonly used for modeling communication systems and are applied in engineering and other scientific applications. Random processes questions and random signals questions are asked in the previous GATE papers, ESE, PSU papers, NDA exams, etc. There are several resources available on the internet, such as Random processes notes for GATE ECE PDF to study Random processes for computer science. However, if you want to refer to a Random processes book or Random processes GATE notes, you can also get many good options on the internet.

Important Random processes topics for GATE ECE

Given below are the important topics from random processes for GATE ECE.



Random Variables

●  Moment Generating functions and their basic properties

●  Normal and gamma distributions

●  Random variable functions

Two-dimensional Random variables

●  Covariance                                           

●  Central Limit Theorem

●  Transformation of random variables

Classification of random processes:


●  Poisson process

●  Markov process

●  Binomial process

Linear systems and random inputs:


●  Cross-correlation and autocorrelation

Tips to prepare for Random processes for GATE MCQs

  • Find the books and Random processes GATE questions and answers pdf that are relevant to your study requirements.
  • Understand the syllabus of the exam.
  • As the topic is time-consuming, you must create a study plan for this topic.
  • Focus on the previously asked questions, Random processes MCQ pdf, and Random processes quiz also.
  • Prepare notes on each subtopic.
  • Don't cram anything. Understand the concept and then apply it in questions or attempt Random processes online quiz.
  • Keep on revising the questions of Random processes after regular intervals.
  • Attempt the online test papers, and Random processes MCQ questions to evaluate the Random processes GATE ECE syllabus.

Importance of Random process in GATE

  • A Random process is an integral part of designing algorithms. In many situations, randomized algorithms give the best-known ways to solve difficult problems.
  • The questions of Random processes are framed to check the concept and understanding of the student.
  • It is one of the most scorable topics of the GATE exam.
  • The topic requires time and deep understanding to solve the numerical in Random processes online test. Thus, increasing the ability to manage time better.

Most recommended books to learn Random processes and variables.

A student needs to understand the Random processes topics for GATE ECE. Some of the books that you must refer to understand this topic in detail are:



Probability - Random Variables and Stochastic Processes

Athanasios Papoulis

Probability and Computing

Mitzemacher and E Upfal

Probability, Random variables, and Random processes

John J Shynk


Probability and Random processes


S Palaniammal


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There are many reasons to choose BYJU'S Exam Prep for studying Random processes and variables. You can get structured, and the best Random processes study material for GATE ECE along with live courses to prepare every topic. You can get access to many quizzes, Random processes notes for ECE, Random processes GATE questions, and tests. Live and interactive classes are conducted to clear every doubt. With our expert teachers, you will be able to prepare better for your competitive exams. You will also be notified about all the latest updates, Random processes syllabus for GATE, and other details related to your competitive exams. The Random process MCQ questions in the GATE exam are given to check your knowledge and understanding of the concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the essential topics that are covered from the ECE syllabus in the GATE?

The important topics covered in the syllabus of GATE are Amplitude, Frequency Modulation, Random process, and Random variable.

Q. What are the steps to crack the GATE exam in the first attempt?

  • Make a study plan
  • Find your strengths and weaknesses
  • Use some of the recommended books
  • Clarify your doubts

Q. How can I prepare the Random process for the GATE?

There are many good resources available on the Internet to prepare the topic of the Random process. You can refer to some books and online video lectures to clear your concepts.

Q. How much should I devote to the topic of Random processes and variables?

This topic is frequently asked in all types of competitive engineering exams. Therefore, you must devote ample time to clear every concept related to this topic.

Q. For how many marks is the topic of the Random process asked in previous GATE exams?

  • In the year 2020: 13 marks
  • In the year 2019: 12 marks
  • In the year 2018: 11 marks
  • In the year 2017: 11 marks

Q. Why is it important to crack the GATE exam?

The full form for GATE is Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering. It is a gateway to get admission in postgraduate programs in Indian Institutions as well as a job in the PSUs.