Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Jan 29, 2021, 12:32

In Physics, Maxwell’s Equation is very important and it plays a vital role in many calculations. The equation is named after the person who invented it and this equation is used to calculate the propagation speed of EM waves (Electromagnetic waves). There are four Maxwell’s equations:

  • First Maxwell’s Equation is also known as Gauss’s law for electricity
  • Second Maxwell’s Equation is also known as Gauss’s law for magnetism
  • Third Maxwell’s Equation is also known as Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction 
  • Fourth Maxwell’s Equation is also known as Ampere’s law

Maxwell’s Equations are a part of many competitive question papers. Therefore all the aspirants should be thorough with the Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations syllabus for GATE to score good marks. The article will focus on Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations book, Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations for computer science, Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations topics for gate ECE, Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations MCQ pdf, Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations mcq questions.

Important Topics of Electrostatics; Maxwell’s Equations for GATE ECE

Here are some of the important topics for Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations for GATE ECE.



Maxwell’s 1st Equation

Also known as Gauss’s law of electricity, it states that flux passing through a closed surface equals (1/ε0) times the charge in the entire surface.

Maxwell’s 2nd Equation

Known as Gauss’s law of magnetism, it states that the net flux in a magnetic field will always be equal to 0.

Maxwell’s 3rd Equation

Known as Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, it states that there is always an electric field produced in a time-varying magnetic field.

Maxwell’s 4th Equation

The 4th equation of Maxwell is completely based on the ampere’s circuit law. 

Tips to Solve Electrostatics; Maxwell’s Equations Questions for GATE 

Listed below are a few tips that can help you in solving the Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equation’s questions:

  • To solve Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations MCQ questions in GATE, you need to first learn all the 4 equations by heart.
  • You need to analyze all the questions to first understand what they are asking. 
  • There can be more than one way to solve the question so be quick with your solving part.

Importance of Electrostatics; Maxwell’s Equations in GATE ECE

If you are preparing for your GATE exam you need to either arrange for Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations notes for GATE PDF and other study material. Learning this chapter is important because:

  • It covers a large volume of vector calculus which holds approximately 3 marks in the paper. 
  • The differential of each equation also holds 1-2 marks which can be easily fetched if you only read the Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations book. 
  • Another 1-2 marks can be fetched if you thoroughly understand the concepts of EM waves and wave’s guide.
  • You should also revise the “Transmission Line” from this chapter because there is going to be a compulsory question from this unit.

Most Recommended Books for Electrostatics; Maxwell’s Equations 

Though you can find Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations GATE notes & Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations GATE questions and answers pdf online but if you still want a book, here are the best three picks for you.



A student's guide to Maxwell's equations

Daniel A. Fleisch

Maxwell's Equations and the Principles of Electromagnetism

Richard Fitzpatrick

Electromagnetism: Maxwell Equations, Wave Propagation and Emission

Tamer Becherrawy

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Q1. What are the important topics of this chapter?

A. You need to understand, learn, and get versed with all four of Maxwell’s equations. You can check the Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations GATE syllabus online before starting your preparations. 

Q2. Will it be wise to leave Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations topics for GATE ECE?

A. Being a very competitive exam, whichever branch you are choosing, you need to keep it in mind that each mark you leave can make or break your result. It is recommended that you cover all the important topics and try to attempt all the Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations GATE questions.

Q3. Will I get the study material online?

A. Yes, there are websites such as BYJU'S Exam Prep where you can get all the study material including question papers, explanatory answers, and much more.

Q4. Is Electrostatics; Maxwell’s equations for computer science that important? 

A. Yes, if you wish to score good marks you need to study this chapter because GATE is one of the most competitive exams. We all know how competitive the GATE exam has become.