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Updated : Jan 29, 2021, 8:38

Waveguide is a type of structure that guides sound or electromagnetic waves like infrared rays, radio waves, microwaves, and visible light. Aspirants appearing in GATE must know the waveguides syllabus for GATE ECE. Generally, objective type questions are asked from the waveguides topic in the GATE ECE Exam. So, it is essential to practice waveguides GATE ECE questions every day before the examination. Aspirants also must try to appear in waveguides online test for showing better performance in GATE. Waveguides GATE ECE notes and Waveguides MCQ pdf for GATE are readily available on online exam preparation platforms

Important Waveguide Topics for GATE ECE



Rectangular Waveguide

It is a metallic tube that is hollow from inside with a rectangular cross-section. A rectangular Waveguide is used for guiding wave propagation.

Circular Waveguide

A circular cross-section waveguide is known as a circular waveguide. It supports the transverse magnetic(TM) and transverse electric (TE) mode.

Elliptical Waveguide

This waveguide is formed with high-connectivity copper with an elliptical cross-section. It is the best choice for the microwave’s antenna feeder system.

Single-ridged Waveguide

The Single-ridged waveguide is a rectangular waveguide with a single protruding ridge from the top of the bottom wall.

Double-ridged Waveguide

The Double -ridged waveguide is a rectangular waveguide with a ridge from the top and the bottom wall.

Tips to solve waveguide questions for GATE

  • Attempt only those questions of waveguides which you are confident of the answer.
  • Waveguides MCQ questions in GATE carry negative marking. Hence, avoid attempting uncertain questions.
  • Do not spend more than 3 to 4 minutes, solving a question from the waveguide portion.
  • There is no negative marking in the numerical questions asked in GATE ECE from the waveguides quiz. So, you can guess such questions.

Importance of Waveguide in GATE Exam

  • The weightage of the waveguides section in the GATE exam is very high. Almost 15 to 18 questions are asked from this section in GATE.
  • Waveguides topics for GATE ECE are asked as MCQ in the GATE exam every year.
  • The electromagnetic waves cover many essential topics for the GATE exam, such as boundary conditions, modes, dispersion relations, etc.
  • Waveguides for computer science equations are easy to remember and solve in a few seconds, and it helps a student carry good marks.

Most Recommended Books for Waveguides for GATE ECE

Although you will get all the waveguide GATE questions and answers pdf online on any exam preparation platforms, keeping a few courses related books are always crucial for best practice. The names of a few waveguides books for GATE ECE are mentioned below:-



The Essence of Dielectric Waveguides



A General Waveguide Circuit Theory

Roger B. Marks

Theory of Waveguides and Transmission Lines

Edward F.Kuester

Optical Waveguides

Maria L. Calvo

Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan

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As waveguides carry high weightage in the GATE exam, you must begin your preparation for this waveguides section one or two years before the GATE examination commencement. Try to cover the entire Waveguides GATE syllabus and do regular practice to get high marks on this section.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. What type of waveguide is mostly used?

The most used waveguide for optical communication is the circular waveguide. Circular waveguides are commonly known as optical fibres.

Q. Why is waveguide cover necessary?

Waveguide cover is necessary to protect the microwave from steam and transmit the microwave’s radiation power

Q. What is the importance of waveguides?

In high frequency, when electromagnetic waves are lost in transmission lines because of radiation leakage, waveguides are used to solve this problem.

Q. When waveguide cover has to change?

If food implant or moisture starts burning the waveguide cover should change to prevent damage to the microwave

Q.  what material waveguides are made of?

Waveguides are made of silver, copper, brass, aluminum and low bulk resistivity metals.