Control Systems

By : Rahul Ranjan

Find here most-reading Control Systems notes for GATE and ECE exams. The control systems subject play an important role in GATE and ISRO electronics & communication engineering exams. It has commonly asked topics like basics of control systems, frequency, compensators and controllers, state-space variable, etc. which have a variety of questions to be asked in the exam.

To cover the entire syllabus of this section, you need to have good resources in place. Thus, we have comprised the list of control systems subject study materials, topics-wise notes, weightage analysis, formulas, best reading books, revision notes, practice quizzes, and champion study plans.

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Control Systems for GATE Electronics & Communication Exam

Weightage Analysis

GATE EC Weightage Analysis for Control Systems

Important Formulas

Important Formulas for Control Systems

Best Books

Best books to prepare Control Systems

Practice Quiz

EC Practice Quiz Combo for Control Systems

Champion Study Plan
Rapid Revision Notes

GATE EC Rapid Revision Study Notes on Control Systems

Control Systems Notes for ECE (Electronics & Communication Engineering)

TopicsImportant Study Notes
Basics of Control System
Frequency Response
Compensators and Controllers
Nyquist Stability Criteria and Analysis
State Space Variable
Routh-Hurwitz and Various Plots
Transient and Steady-State Analysis
Transfer Function
Control Systems