Direction Sense Test for SSC Exams

By : Neha Uppal

Updated : Oct 27, 2020, 7:08

Direction Sense test questions form an integral part of the quantitative aptitude section of competitive government exams. SSC CGL and CHSL exams are among the major exams that include the topic in their syllabus. Other exams that include Direction Sense tests in their syllabus are banking exams like IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk. You will get useful insights on direction sense test questions and answers for SSC exams here. We also provide our students with rules, quizzes, notes, tricks, topics, formulae, and practice sets on direction sense tests for all competitive exams. Get access to all the study resources to ensure that you ace Direction Sense test questions in the upcoming exams.

Important Direction Test Topics




A direction indicates the relative position of one point to another point irrespective of the information of distance between the two points. Direction can be stated with respect to a reference point or can be absolute in its stating.

Cardinal Direction

Cardinal directions are fundamental directions that are represented by the four points of a compass.

Intermediate Direction

Intermediate directions are the directions present between two cardinal points. These are North West, North East, South West, and South West. They can be further categorised into North-North-West, West-North-West, North-North- East, East -North-East, South-South-West, West-South-West, South-South-East, and East-South-East.

Tips to Solve/ Prepare Direction Test Questions

While solving direction sense test questions, here are some of the tips that come in handy for students:

  • The top of the page is always marked as North unless specified otherwise in the question. This makes the left-hand side as West and the right-hand side as East.
  • In the absence of a compass, the North is always the direction a person is facing at any given point unless specified otherwise.
  • The right and left movement of a person is not with respect to the person who is solving the questions but is always with reference to the body moving in any situation.

Importance of Direction Test in the Quantitative Section of Competitive SSC & Government Exams

  • Direction sense questions are one of the most frequently asked topics in competitive government exams. In SSC CGL and CHSL and bank exams, up to four questions in the quantitative analysis section are based on direction sense tests.

  • Direction sense tests are the easiest topic to score in competitive government exams as the topic is used in everyday life and requires only an acute sense of directions in daily endeavours.

  • Directions sense questions that are asked in competitive exams are based on the principles of distance and direction. Since distance is covered in many other topics of the qualitative analysis section of the exam, preparing for the questions also helps in the preparation of other topics.

  • Mastering the topic of direction sense helps in the improvement of analytical and logical skills of students that help them solve other questions.

Most Recommended Books for Direction Test

There are several books available in the market that can help students prepare for competitive government exams. Here are the ones we recommend:


Author/Publisher Name

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning

Dr RS Aggarwal

Reasoning Book for Competitive Examinations


Multi-Dimensional Reasoning

Mishra and Kumar Dr Lal

Analytical Reasoning

M.K Pandey

A New Approach to Reasoning

B.S. Sijwali & S. Sijwali Arihant

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Frequently Asked Questions about Direction Sense Test

1- Where does the shadow of an object fall at sunrise?

At sunrise, the shadow of an object facing east is towards west and vice versa.

2- Where does the shadow of an object fall at sunset?

At sunset, the shadow of every object is always towards the east.

3- Where does the shadow of an object fall at noon?

At noon, there will be no shadow since the rays of the sun are vertically downward upon the object.

4- What is the concept of turn?

According to the concept of turn, left turn= clockwise turn and right turn= anti-clockwise turn.

5- What is the angle between two directions?

The angle between two cardinal directions is always 90 degrees, whereas that between a cardinal direction and an intermediate angle is always 45 degrees.