GATE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 2023

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 25th, 2023

GATE 2023 FAQs for Aspirants: It is natural to have many questions when appearing for an engineering entrance exam like GATE. You will come across many why’s, where’s, how’s, what’s, when’s, and who’s while preparing for GATE 2023, which IIT Kanpur will conduct. Inquisitiveness is what keeps your mind alive and active. This curiosity could be about anything and everything concerning your career, your future, your success and failure, or the GATE 2023 entrance exam. But if you are a candidate for GATE, many questions arise to mind.

But GATE candidates don’t need to fear and look for ways to clarify them. BYJU’S Exam Prep comes to your rescue with the GATE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 2023. All doubts and queries regarding GATE 2023 eligibility, application form, admit card, result, and counseling are answered in GATE 2023 frequently asked questions in the article below. Here we will check all FAQs for candidates for GATE 2023.

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Top FAQs For GATE Exam

The top FAQ questions for the GATE 2023 exam are as follows. These articles will solve every misconception and problem and provide every tiny detail about the GATE exam. All these links will be updated soon, so save this article for future use.

Sr. No. FAQs
1 GATE Cut-off For PSU
2 GATE Eligibility Percentage in B.Tech
3 GATE Exam for Mechatronics
5 GATE Statistics Scope
7 GATE XE Scope
8 How are GATE Marks Calculated?
9 How Can I Apply for GATE 2023?
10 How can I Get into IIT Bombay Through GATE?
11 How Can I Prepare for GATE?
12 How is GATE Rank Predicted?
13 How Many Attempts for GATE?
14 How Many Hours do GATE Toppers Study?
15 How Many Marks for the GATE Exam?
16 How Many NAT Questions in GATE Exam
17 How Many Papers are there in the GATE Exam?
18 Which Branch is Tough in GATE?
19 Which IIT is Easy for GATE?
20 Which IIT Makes the Toughest Paper for GATE?
21 Which Subject is Easy for GATE?
22 Who can Take the GATE 2023 Exam?
23 Who is Conducting GATE 2023?
24 Who is Eligible for GATE 2023?
25 Who is Eligible for the GATE Exam?
26 Who Will Conduct GATE 2023?
27 Who will Host GATE 2023?
28 Who Will Set the GATE 2024 Paper?
29 Why Is The GATE Exam Conducted?
30 Will GATE 2022 be Postponed?
31 What is the Minimum GATE Score for IIT?
32 What is the Salary of a GATE Topper?
33 What is the Use of the GATE Exam?
34 Which Branch is Best for the GATE Exam?
35 What is the Maximum GATE Score?
36 Are the 12th Marks Important for GATE?
37 Are 6 Months Enough for GATE CSE?
38 Are 8 Months Enough for GATE?
39 Are GATE and JEE Syllabus the Same?
40 Benefits Of GATE Exam
41 GATE Brochure
42 Can A BSc Student Take GATE Exams?
43 Can BCA Student Apply for GATE
44 Can I Apply for GATE 2023 Now?
46 Can I Crack GATE in 1 Year?
47 Can I Fill GATE Form Now?
48 Can I Get a Job Through GATE?
49 Can I Get into IIT through GATE?
50 Can I Take 2 GATE Papers?
51 Can I give GATE in the 3rd year?
52 Can I Start My GATE Preparation in the First Year?
53 Can MBBS Students Appear in GATE?
54 Can ONGC Recruit without GATE?
55 Can Students with Backlogs Apply for GATE?
56 Can 3-year Students Apply for GATE?
57 Can we do GATE After the 12th?
58 Can We Get a Government Job by GATE?
59 Can We Take Mobile to GATE Exam?
60 Do IIT Students Take GATE?
61 Do Previous Questions Repeat in GATE?
63 Does IIT Kharagpur Set Tough Paper for GATE?
64 Does ISRO Recruit Through GATE?
65 GATE Exam Centres
66 GATE Frequently Asked Questions 2023
67 Foreign Universities Accepting GATE Score
68 Is GATE Useful Outside India?
69 Is it Easy to Score in GATE?
70 Is an OBC Certificate Required for GATE?
71 Is Pen Allowed in GATE?
72 Is the GATE Exam for 1000 Marks?
73 Is the GATE Exam Necessary?
74 Is the GATE Exam Tough?
75 Is the GATE Score Valid for 3 Years?
76 Is there any Interview After the GATE Exam?
77 Job Opportunities after GATE Exam
78 What are the Jobs after the GATE Exam?
79 List of Colleges According to GATE Score
80 GATE Negative Marking
81 GATE Official Website
GATE Photo Size: Photo requirements and Edit Signature for GATE
83 Should I give GATE or UPSC?
84 GATE Virtual Calculator
85 What Happens if I Pass the GATE Exam?
86 What Happens if you Clear the GATE Exam?
87 What if I Fail in GATE?
88 What is 2 Paper in GATE?
89 What is a Good GATE Rank?
90 GATE Score
91 What is Better, GRE or GATE?
92 What is the GATE Cutoff for IIT?
93 What is GATE Life Science?
94 What is a GATE Score Card?
95 What is Institute Registration Number in GATE Form
96 What is the Age Limit for the GATE Exam?
97 What is the Fee for 2 Papers in GATE?
98 What is the Fee for the GATE Exam?
99 What is the GATE Scholarship Amount?
100 What is the Last Date for GATE 2023?
101 What is the Level of the GATE Exam?
102 How Many Questions In GATE Exam
103 How Many Students Give GATE Exam
104 How Many Subjects are There in the GATE Exam?
105 How Many Times Can We Take GATE Exams?
107 How much CGPA is required for GATE?
108 How To Correct GATE Application Form
109 How to Fill the GATE 2023 Application Form?
110 How Tough is CSE GATE?
112 Is 700 a Good Score in GATE?
113 Is 850 a Good Score in GATE?
114 Is a Caste Certificate Required for GATE?
115 Is Calculator Allowed in GATE?
116 Is Coding Required for GATE?
117 Is GATE Compulsory for Engineering?
118 Is GATE Compulsory for IIT?
119 Is GATE Compulsory for M.Tech?
120 Is GATE Compulsory?
121 Is the GATE Conducted Twice a Year?
122 Is the GATE Exam for Ph.D.?
123 Is GATE for MBA?
124 Is GATE Harder than CAT?
125 Is GATE Online or Offline?
126 Is GATE Score Needed for IIT Admission?
127 Is GATE Score Valid in Canada?
128 Is the GATE Score Valid in Germany?
129 Is GATE Score Valid in the USA?
130 Is GATE Tough for CSE?
131 Is GATE Tough
132 Is GATE Tougher than JEE?
133 Is GATE Tougher than UPSC?

General GATE FAQs for Candidates 

BYJUS EXAM PREP has compiled a list of frequently asked GATE questions, and the list contains both pre and post-exam GATE FAQs and their answers which are as follows.

Question: Am I permitted to change my GATE Examination City?

YES. ONLY after the last date for application submission, a request for the change of examination city will be entertained against additional payment.

Question: Am I allowed to enter the examination hall during the examination?

Answer: NO. Candidates MUST enter the examination center as specified on the Admit card. In addition, they have to log in to the system 30 minutes before the starting time of the examination.

Question: Will I get extra time corresponding to my delayed entry into the examination hall in case of permitted delayed entry?

Answer:  NO. The candidate with the permitted delayed entry will NOT get any extra time.

Candidates are allowed to leave the examination hall only after the scheduled end of the examination.

Question: What items are not permitted to be brought inside the examination venue?

Answer: Mobile phones, physical calculators, wallets, watches of any type, electronic/communicating devices, books, papers, loose sheets, pen/pencil box/pouch, and any other similar items are NOT permitted inside the examination hall.

Question: For how many GATE papers can I apply?

Answer: A candidate can appear either in ONE or UP TO TWO papers of the GATE 2023 examination. However, a candidate can only select the second paper from the pre-defined Two Paper Combination list.

Question: If a paper is being held in more than one session, can I appear in any of the sessions of that particular paper?

Answer: NO. Each candidate will be assigned to ONLY ONE of the multiple sessions of a particular paper.

Question: Am I permitted to change my GATE Examination Paper?

Answer: Yes

Question:  After applying, am I permitted to change my Category?

Answer:  YES. Candidates can change the Category after the last date with additional charges.

FAQS for GATE Admit Card

Whenever the GATE admit card is released, the candidates encounter a lot of questions like ‘When will I acquire my Admit Card?’ Therefore, we have provided all GATE FAQs regarding admit cards to clear all these doubts for future candidates.

Question: When will I acquire my Admit Card?


Candidates can download admit cards from the GATE 2023 website from 3rd January 2022. Admit Cards will not be dispatched by post or as an e-mail attachment.

Is the Admit card independently adequate to gain entrance to the test center?


  1. NO. Candidates must also bring an original and valid photo Identity document specified while filling up the online application.
  2. For Indian candidates: Aadhaar-UID (preferable), Passport, PAN card, Voter ID, and Driving License.

Can I bring a soft copy of the Admit Card (in mobile phone/tablet/laptop) to enter the examination center?

Answers: NO. A hard copy (preferably printed in color) of the Admit Card is required to enter the examination center.

FAQS for GATE Application Process

The GATE FAQs regarding the application process of GATE have been shared below. The GATE application process. Before filling out the GATE 2023 application form, you must first register at the GATE portal by creating the enrollment id and password and filling out the GATE application form.

Question – I am presently in my 3rd year B.Sc./ B.A./B.Com. Am I qualified to appear for GATE-2023?

Answer: YES, any undergraduate student currently in 3rd year or higher years of any government-approved program in Technology/Architecture/Arts/Commerce/Science/ Engineering is eligible to appear for GATE 2023.

Question – I am presently in my 3rd year of B.E., but via a similar entry in the 2nd year after completing my Diploma, am I qualified to appear for GATE 2023?

Answer: YES, any undergraduate currently in 3rd year or higher in any government-approved program in Engineering / Technology / Architecture / Arts/ Commerce / Science is eligible to appear for GATE 2023.

Question: Is there any age limitation to appear for GATE 2023?

Answer: NO. There is NO age limitation to appear for GATE 2023.

Question: Are there any restrictions on the number of times one can appear for GATE?

Answer: NO.

Question: Can I appear in any of the GATE 2023 papers?

Answer: Although the candidate is free to choose any of the papers (up to two from the given combinations), the candidate should select a paper appropriate to the discipline of the qualifying degree.

Question: How do I apply?

Answer: By visiting the website for GATE 2023 

Question: Can I use one e-mail address to fill out multiple application forms?

Answer: NO. One e-mail address needs to submit on only one application form.

Question: Why should I choose THREE examination cities?

Answer: The candidates will most likely be allotted their first choice. In certain cases, too many candidates opt for a certain city as their first choice. Therefore, the other two choices become relevant. 

Question: What do I do if the power/internet connection fails during the submission of the application process?

Answer: Please login into your account at GATE 2023 website again and continue the application process.

Question: Does the OBC (non-creamy layer) or EWS candidate need to upload the category certificate?

Answer: NO.

Question: Does the SC/ST/PwD candidate need to upload the category certificate?

Answer: YES, a category certificate is required to avail the concession in the application fee.

Question: How do I make the fee payment for the GATE 2023 examination?

Answer: The payment option will appear after filling out the online application form on the GATE 2023 website. The candidate must bear additional charges, such as service charges, processing fees, or bank charges.

Question: How much should I pay to appear in Two papers for the GATE 2023 examination?

Answer: The GATE examination fees are as follows –

For Examination Centres in India Regular Period During the Extended Period
Female candidates (per paper)  750  1250
SC / ST / PwD* category candidates (per paper)  750  1250
All other candidates (per paper)  1500  2000

Question: What is the fee for candidates with foreign nationality/NRIs?

Answer: The fee for candidates with foreign nationality/NRIs are as follows – 

Examination Centres Regular Period During the Extended Period
Centers in India  1500  2000

Question: What do I do if the power / Internet connection fails during online payment?


  1. When you get back online, log in to the GATE 2023 website and check the payment status. If the payment was not accepted by GATE 2023, you might create a new payment.
  2. The funds will be credited to your account if any fee amount has been debited from GATE 2023. 

All FAQs for Dyslexia & PWD candidates for GATE 2023

All FAQs regarding dyslexia and PED candidates for GATE 2023 have been shared below in the article.

1. What guidelines will be followed for PwD candidates writing the GATE 2023 examination?

Answer: GATE 2023 will follow the guidelines mentioned in the government regulations. 

2. Will the facility of scribe be given to all PwD candidates?


The facility of a scribe is meant for only those PwD candidates who are persons with benchmark disability (i.e., not less than 40% disability) and who have physical limitations to write, including speed. However, provision of scribe shall be allowed on production of a certificate to the effect that the person concerned has physical limitations.

In the case of a person with benchmark disability (i.e., not less than 40% disability) in the Category of blindness, locomotor disability (both arms affected-BA), and cerebral palsy, the facility of scribe shall be allowed on advance request only.

3. Will there be a magnified question paper for visually challenged PwD candidates?


YES. Before the beginning of the examination, don’t hesitate to contact the GATE Institute Representative through the invigilator in your examination hall, and they will do the needful.

4. Will the facility of scribe and compensatory (extra) time be given to dyslexic candidates?


Yes, dyslexic candidates can avail of the services of the scribe, provided such candidates submit a proper dyslexic certificate issued by the competent authorities.

The GATE authorities will provide the scribe, or candidates may bring their scribe. The compensatory (extra) time would apply to such dyslexic candidates availing the scribe facility.

5. Is there a provision for compensatory (extra) time for a PwD/dyslexic candidate?


A person with benchmark disability (i.e., not less than 40% disability) who is allowed to avail of the facility of the scribe will automatically get an additional one hour of compensatory (extra) time for an examination of three hours duration.

PwD/dyslexic candidates with certain benchmark disabilities (that limits the speed of writing) who do not want to avail the scribe assistance but at the same time request a compensatory time during the time of application may be considered for an extra time of one hour only if fulfilling the criteria of the scribe of PwD and Dyslexic Candidates section.

6. Will the facility of own scribe be given to a person with benchmark disabilities (that limits writing speed)?


Yes, subject to fulfilling the criteria of the scribe as per above, persons with benchmark disability (i.e., not less than 40% disability) will be allowed to opt for their scribe, provided the qualification of the scribe is one step below the qualification of the candidate taking the examination.

The candidate with benchmark disabilities (i.e., not less than 40% disability) opting for their scribe should submit the GATE 2023 information brochure details.

Important Tips for GATE Preparation 

  1. How to use Virtual Calculator for GATE 2023
  2. Topper’s strategy for GATE Exam preparation

Accelerate your GATE 2023 preparations with BYJU’s Exam Prep Online Classroom Program 

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