GATE Mechanical Mock Test 2024 Free, Online Test Series

GATE Mechanical Mock Test 2024 Free, Online Test Series

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Practice with BYJU'S Exam Prep’s best test series for GATE Mechanical to score better in GATE ME 2024 exam. Start with a Free GATE Mechanical online mock test.

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Kadiyam Anand
Kadiyam AnandVery useful for GATE ME
BYJU'S Exam Prep (Formerly Byju's Exam Prep) mock tests are a very good opportunity for those who are appearing the exams. Very helpful with the exam preparations.
mohasin khan
mohasin khanAmazing App
Best questions which help you improve your brain. Thanks to all the mentors of BYJU'S Exam Prep (Formerly Byju's Exam Prep) for your exemplary efforts.
Kadiyam Anand
Kadiyam AnandVery useful for GATE ME
BYJU'S Exam Prep (Formerly Byju's Exam Prep) mock tests are a very good opportunity for those who are appearing the exams. Very helpful with the exam preparations.
mohasin khan
mohasin khanAmazing App
Best questions which help you improve your brain. Thanks to all the mentors of BYJU'S Exam Prep (Formerly Byju's Exam Prep) for your exemplary efforts.

BYJU'S Exam Prep's best GATE Mechanical Test Series for enhancing exam preparation and scoring high in the GATE ME 2024 exam. Start a free GATE mock test for the Mechanical engineering exam, and check the detailed solution, AIR, and performance analysis report. Students can take the GATE Mechanical mock tests within a particular time frame to get the exact exam experience. With the help of these GATE test series, students can create a benchmark for themselves to better understand the topics and know their performance nationally.

GATE Mechanical Test Series 2024 | Exam Overview

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is a national-level entrance exam conducted yearly for various branches. The GATE ME Test Series is important for validating your GATE exam preparation. None of the GATE exam preparation is considered complete until you have sufficiently tested yourself against the rigors of a full-length test. Here at BYJU'S Exam Prep, you will find a comprehensive combo of 7 full-length mock tests along with 24 subject tests and 4 full-length part tests drafted by the GATE subject experts to help you discover the best.

Mechanical is one of the most commonly preferred streams of the GATE 2023 exam, which includes physics, engineering, and material science principles to design, manufacture, and maintain the mechanical system. If you are preparing for the GATE Mechanical 2024 exam, start with the free GATE mock test for Mechanical, and increase your chance of cracking the exam with maximum marks.

GATE Mechanical Mock Test Series 2024 Schedule

GATE 2024 Full LengthLive Date
Mock Test 120 April 2023
Mock Test 220 May 2023
Mock Test 320 June 2023
Mock Test 420 July 2023
Mock Test 520 August 2023
Mock Test 620 September 2023
Mock Test 720 October 2023
Mock Test 810 November 2023

GATE ME 2024 Subject-wise Test Schedule

GATE 2024 Subject and Part TestLive Date
Engineering Mathematics 17 March 2023
Engineering Mathematics 216 March 2023
Engineering Mechanics28 March 23
Strength of Materials 14 April 2023
Strength of Materials 211 April 2023
Part Test 125 April 2023
Industrial Engineering 14 May 2023
Industrial Engineering 216 May 2023
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 125 May 2023
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 26 June 2023
Part Test 226 June 2023
Heat Transfer 16 July 2023
Heat Transfer 213 July 2023
Thermodynamics 125 July 2023
Thermodynamics 28 August 2023
Part Test 328 August 2023
Manufacturing & engineering materials 17 September 2023
Manufacturing & engineering materials 213 September 2023
Manufacturing & engineering materials 322 September 2023
Power Plant28 September 2023
Machine Design 13 October 2023
Machine Design 210 October 2023
Part Test 426 October 2023
IC Engine7 November 2023
Theory of Machines & Vibrations 116 November 2023
Theory of Machines & Vibrations 223 November 2023
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning5 December 2023
General Aptitude 17 December 2023
General Aptitude 214 December 2023
Part Test 525 December 2023

GATE Mechanical Test Series 2024 Key Features

BYJU'S Exam Prep offers online test series with the following features:

  • Attempt GATE ME mock tests online with the virtual calculator in the mobile app & laptop.
  • Important questions along with detailed solutions.
  • Get All India Rank (AIR), and performance analysis on performing each test.
  • The test series schedule is aligned with BYJU'S Exam Prep Champion Study Plan for GATE 2024.

Buy GATE ME Test Series

Enroll in BYJU'S Exam Prep Test Series to get accustomed to the GATE ME exam pattern and the questions asked. BYJU'S Exam Prep Test series are designed after thorough research of the previous year papers, and the updated pattern. Enroll in the test series to add value to your preparation and stay a step ahead of your competition.

The best test series for GATE Mechanical enables you to revise and practice your syllabus after ensuring greater accuracy and minimum negatives. This will ensure better performance in the examination. Purchase the entire test series package to amplify your chances of qualifying for GATE Mechanical and getting your desired job.

Benefits of Taking the GATE ME Mock Test Series

Effective Time-Management

The GATE ME mock test series provides beneficial ways to manage time. The well-designed study materials are encapsulated so that you can access everything in a single platform that promotes effective preparation. This leads to better results in less time.

Improves your Score

The overall score will be increased by taking the GATE ME online course, as it will provide you with enough exposure to multiple types of practice questions and quizzes. The quizzes and mock tests will provide sufficient knowledge so that you can attempt several questions with confidence.

Retention of Concepts

GATE ME online test series facilitates the best quality study resources that explain the topics in such a way that the concepts are understood and retained for a long time, along with clarity on every topic. The teaching methods in the GATE ME Online course will also help you better comprehend the concepts.

GATE ME Syllabus 2024

GATE ME General Aptitude (GA) Syllabus



Verbal Aptitude

Basic English grammar such as tenses, articles, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, verb-noun agreement, and other parts of speech
Basic vocabulary such as words, idioms, and phrases in context
Reading and comprehension
Narrative sequencing

Quantitative Aptitude

Data interpretation that includes data graphs (bar graphs, pie charts, and other graphs representing data), 2-, and 3-dimensional plots, maps, and tables
Numerical computation and estimation that includes ratios, percentages, powers, exponents, logarithms, permutations, combinations, and series
Mensuration, and geometry Elementary statistics, and probability

Analytical Aptitude

Logic: deduction and induction Analogy Numerical relations and reasoning

Spatial Aptitude

Transformation of shapes such as translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, assembling, and grouping Paper folding, cutting, and patterns in 2, and 3 dimensions

GATE ME Subject-wise Syllabus



Section-1: Engineering Mathematics

Linear Algebra -Linear equations, Matrix algebra, eigenvalues, and eigenvectors.

Differential equations - Linear and nonlinear, Euler-Cauchy equation; higher-order linear differential equations with constant coefficients, initial and boundary value problems; solutions of heat, wave, and Laplace's equations; Laplace transforms.

Calculus - Evaluation of definite and improper integrals; Functions of a single variable, limit, continuity, and differentiability, mean value theorem, indeterminate forms; double and triple integrals; total derivative, partial derivatives, maxima, and minima, Taylor series (in one, and two variables), Fourier series; divergence, and curl, gradient, vector identities, line, directional derivatives, surface, and volume integrals, and Green’s theorems, and applications of Gauss, Stoke.

Probability and Statistics - Probability, conditional probability; sampling theorems; median, mean, mode, standard deviation, binomial, random variables, normal, and Poisson distributions.

Numerical Methods - Integration by trapezoidal and Simpson’s rules; - Numerical solutions of linear and non-linear algebraic equations; single & multi-step for differential equations.

Complex variables - Cauchy-Riemann equations; Analytic functions, Taylor, and Laurent series. Cauchy’s integral theorem & integral formula;

Section-2: Applied Mechanics and Design

Mechanics of Materials - Elastic constants, Stress, and strain, Poisson's ratio, thin cylinders, Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain, shear force and bending moment diagrams, deflection of beams, bending, and shear stresses, torsion of circular shafts, energy methods, Euler’s theory of columns, thermal stresses, testing of materials with the universal testing machine, strain gauges, and rosettes, testing of hardness, and impact strength.

Engineering Mechanics - Trusses and frames; Free body diagrams and equilibrium, virtual work; impulse and momentum (linear and angular), kinematics and dynamics of particles & of rigid bodies in plane motion, and energy formulations, collisions.

Theory of Machines - Displacement, velocity, and acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms; dynamic analysis of linkages; cams; gears and gear trains; flywheels and governors; balancing of reciprocating and rotating masses; gyroscope.

Machine Design - Design for static, and dynamic loading, Failure theories, fatigue strength, and the S-N diagram, gears, rolling and sliding contact bearings, shafts and springs, brakes, and clutches, principles of the design of machine elements like riveted, bolted, and welded joints

Vibrations - Effect of damping, Free, and forced vibration of single degree of freedom systems, resonance, vibration isolation, critical speeds of shafts.

Section-3: Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences

Heat-Transfer - One-dimensional heat conduction, modes of heat transfer, heat transfer through fins, resistance concept & electrical analogy, lumped parameter system, unsteady heat conduction, Heisler's charts, dimensionless parameters in free and forced convective heat transfer, thermal boundary layer, heat transfer correlations for flow over flat plates, and through pipes, heat exchanger performance, effect of turbulence, LMTD & NTU methods; Stefan-Boltzmann law, radiative heat transfer, Wien's displacement law, view factors, black, and grey surfaces, and radiation network analysis.

Fluid Mechanics - Fluid statics, properties, manometry, buoyancy, stability of floating bodies, forces on submerged bodies, control-volume analysis of mass, fluid acceleration, momentum, and energy, differential equations of continuity, and momentum, dimensional analysis, Bernoulli’s equation, viscous flow of incompressible fluids, elementary turbulent flow, boundary layer, flow through pipes, bends, and fittings, and head losses in pipes

Applications - Power Engineering, I.C. Engines, Refrigeration, and air-conditioning, and Turbomachinery

Thermodynamic - Properties of pure substances, thermodynamic systems, and processes, the behavior of ideal and real gases, calculation of work, and heat in various processes, zeroth, and first laws of thermodynamics, the second law of thermodynamics, thermodynamic relations, and thermodynamic property charts, and tables, availability, and irreversibility.

Section-4: Materials, Manufacturing, and Industrial Engineering

Casting, Forming, and Joining Processes - Design of patterns, molds, and cores, Different types of castings, solidification, and cooling, riser & gating design, fundamentals of hot, and cold working processes, Plastic deformation, and yield criteria load estimation for bulk (drawing, rolling, forging, extrusion), and sheet (deep drawing, shearing, bending), principles of powder metallurgy, metal forming processes, brazing, Principles of welding, soldering & adhesive bonding.

Engineering Materials - Phase diagrams, structure and properties of engineering materials, heat treatment, and stress-strain diagrams for engineering materials.

Machining & Machine Tool Operations -Basic machine tools, Mechanics of machining, single and multi-point cutting tools, tool life and wear, tool geometry and materials, machining economics, work holding principles, principles of non-traditional machining processes, design of jigs, and fixtures.

Computer Integrated Manufacturing - Concepts of CAD/CAM and their integration tools.

Metrology and Inspection - Linear, angular measurements, Limits, fits, tolerances & comparators; gauge design, interferometry, alignment, testing methods, form and finish measurement, tolerance analysis in manufacturing, and assembly.

Production Planning and Control - Aggregate production planning, forecasting models, materials requirement planning, and scheduling.

Operations Research - Simplex, linear programming, transportation, network flow models, assignment, simple queuing models, and PERT & CPM.

Inventory Control - Safety stock inventory control systems, Deterministic models.

How to Take the GATE ME Mock Test?

Candidates need to follow the steps given below to take the GATE ME mock tests:

  • Open the official website of BYJU'S Exam Prep
  • Click on the Test series tab
  • Select the ‘GATE ME’ section
  • The GATE ME Mock Test series will appear
  • Make the one-time payment, and have access to the GATE ME mock test series

GATE ME Highlights

Examination Mode

Computer-Based Test (CBT)


3 Hours (180 Minutes)

Sectional Time Limit


Total Marks


Total Number of questions


Number of Subjects (Papers)


Number of Sections*

2-3 (General Aptitude and Core Discipline or General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics*, and Core Discipline)

Type of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ);

Multiple Select Questions (MSQ);

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

Total Number of Questions

65 Questions

Total Marks

100 Marks

Marking Scheme

1 or 2 marks for each correct answer

Negative Marking

For 1 mark MCQ, 1/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer;

For 2-mark MCQ, 2/3 mark will be deducted for a wrong answer;

No negative marking for MSQs, and NATs

GATE Mechanical 2024: Exam Pattern

Exam Duration3 Hours
Total Marks100
Type of Question‎ AskedNumerical Answer Type (MCQ)
Total No. of Questions‎65

Read also here GATE Mechanical Syllabus

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GATE Mechanical Mock Test 2024 Free, Online Test Series FAQs
  • How can I unlock the GATE ME Test Series from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

    To unlock GATE ME Test Series, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Visit the official website/App of BYJU'S Exam Prep.
    • Select ‘GATE ME & PSU’ from the exam drop-down menu.
    • Select ‘Unlock All Mock Tests’
    • On clicking that tab, you will be taken to the Test Series page
    • After paying the fee, you can unlock GATE ME Test Series
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    You can send an email to with the details of transaction. Our team will get in touch with you. Please send the email from the id which you used while transacting.

  • Can I pay through offline mode also?

    No, the only mode of payment we accept is online.

  • How do I select the mode of payment while doing the transaction for GATE ME test series?

    When you click on the ‘Buy Now’ button, a new page will load with payment gateways. Choose a suitable gateway to make the payment.

  • Can I pay through Paytm/BHIM UPI ID/Google Pay (Tez)/PayUMoney/OlaMoney also?

    You can make the payment through the following modes: 

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    You can pay through EMIs only in case of certain Live Courses. For Test Series payment, there’s currently no EMI option. For any clarification, please write to us on

  • While doing the transaction, my money has got deducted twice. How should I claim?

    When the transaction is done and we receive your payment, your tests will automatically get unlocked, and you'll receive an activation mail on your registered email ID.

    In case it fails, your money (if deducted) will be credited automatically to your original mode of payment (bank/credit card/wallet). We request you to wait for 5-7 bank working days, and write to us on in case your issue isn't resolved.

  • During the transaction, I have entered the wrong email address/contact number by mistake. What should I do now?

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  • How to cancel my GATE ME Test Series and claim for the refund?

    • In case you want to cancel the Test Series and claim for the money back, then we would suggest you send the refund request at The refund will be done on your original payment mode and will be processed on a prorated basis. As per our refund policy, you can claim a refund within 7 days of purchase. A refund can be processed only in case of service not being provided by BYJU'S EXam Prep for a maximum of transaction amount proportioned to the unused percentage of the product.
  • Can I take the GATE ME test offline also?

    There is no option available to take the GATE ME Mock Test in offline mode.

  • Can I pause the test, save it and resume the test later?

    Yes, you can keep the test on pause, and resume it later whenever convenient.

  • Is GATE ME Test Series by BYJU'S Exam Prep available in Hindi?

    If the exam is Bilingual, you will get the Test Series in both English and Hindi. Thus, the language of the Test Series depends on the exam.

  • Can I reattempt the GATE ME Test Series?

    No, the re-attempt test option is not available.

  • Can I take the GATE ME test through my mobile phone also?

    Yes, you can take the test through both BYJU'S Exam Prep App and BYJU'S Exam Prep Website.

  • I am unable to see the Test Series for GATE ME exam which I have purchased. What should I do now?

    Make sure that you landed on the right page. Visit the main page of Online Test Series.

    In case you are still not able to find the exam, please write to

  • Does BYJU'S Exam Prep provide All India Rank (AIR) after the GATE ME Test Series result is declared?

    Yes, BYJU'S Exam Prep provides the All India Rank (AIR) after you submit the test.

  • I have lost the internet connection during the Mock Test, what will happen now? Can I resume the test once the connection is back?

    Yes, you can continue the test once the internet connection is back, you don’t need to start the test from the beginning.

  • Does BYJU'S Exam Prep provide solutions to the GATE ME Test Series after every test?

    Yes, you can check the complete explanation to every question available in the test once you submit the test.

  • Can I download my GATE ME Test Series in PDF format?

    Kindly note that we’re not providing copy option of our content, questions and solutions in PDF or to download.

  • Are all GATE ME Mock Tests active right at the start?

    Mock Tests are added as per the scheduled plan. Even before the purchase of the GATE ME Test Series, you can see the release date of each Mock Test. Usually one new exam is added in every 2-3 days.

  • How can I check the validity of the purchased GATE ME Test Series? Can it be changed on request?

    Please note that you can check the validity of the purchased GATE ME Test Series on the purchased email sent to you. Also note that the expiry date of the Test Series is fixed, and it can’t be changed on request.

  • From where I can attempt weekly Live Test. When the result will be out?

    Please note that you can attempt the weekly Live Test from the link shared over the notification mail. Once the analysis of the result is completed by our team, the result will be shared with you over the mail. Also, note that the result link shared over the email will remain active for 2-3 days.

  • I had access to the GATE ME Test Series, but it is showing ‘Buy Now’. What can I do?

    Please note that this may happen due to the following reasons:

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