Is There Any Interview After the GATE Exam?

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Updated on: September 25th, 2023

Is there any Interview After the GATE Exam? The GATE 2024 exam will be conducted in February next year, and most candidates are engaged in preparing for GATE. Candidates put in their hard work and strive to attain the best GATE score possible. Much effort, concept clarity, practice, and, most importantly, dedication are required for GATE. Many candidates have doubts. Is there any interview after the GATE exam? Yes, It is important to appear for the interview based on what decides your fate for India’s top PSU jobs for which all candidates aim.

In this article, we will examine whether there are any interviews after the GATE exam or if candidates have to prepare for PSU interviews after the exam. In this article, you will also get complete insights into the interview stage of recruitment and what the interviewers expect from you.

Check PSU Jobs with or without GATE Score PDF

GATE Score and Interview Criteria After GATE

GATE exam provides M.Tech, Ph.D., fellowship programs, jobs in top Indian PSUs, or flying abroad for foreign studies are provided by GATE exam for engineering aspirants. 

PSU jobs are among the best options suited for them based on their preferences and career goals. The final goal will be landing a job in one of the top Indian PSUs for many candidates who will sit for GATE 2024. However, a good GATE score is a prerequisite for a PSU job, and it’s not the only thing to take you to the finish line.

A good GATE score is necessary for every PSU job, and the top Indian PSUs that conduct interviews including NFL, BHEL, and RFCL, to shortlist the candidates based on the GATE score. But the final selection mainly consists of interview performance and GATE score. The weightage for the GATE score for the Interview in many PSU companies is 80:20.

Important Things to Remember For PSU’s Interview 

If they plan for an interview for PSU, the GATE aspirants have to know everything inside the company, like the profile, facts and figures, prospects, and much more. A few things to remember are as follows:

  • The company’s accomplishments possess any leader, project, or coalition. 
  • The pay scale and service level agreement about the job profile offered.
  • See the website of the PSU and skim up on all the recent archives, news, and accomplishments.

The Necessity of Interview for PSU Jobs

Interviews are necessary for PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) jobs for several reasons:

  1. To evaluate candidates’ communication skills: PSU jobs require effective communication skills to work with colleagues, customers, and stakeholders. Interviews help to assess the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively, present their ideas and opinions, and express themselves clearly and concisely.

  2. To assess candidates’ knowledge: Interviews provide an opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge, skills, and experience related to the job requirements. The interviewer can ask specific questions related to the job, and the candidate can demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in the field.

  3. To evaluate candidates’ personality traits: Interviews allow the interviewer to evaluate the candidate’s personality traits, such as their level of confidence, attitude, behavior, and overall suitability for the job. The interviewer can also evaluate the candidate’s ability to work under pressure, handle stress, and adapt to different situations.

  4. To check candidates’ motivation and commitment: Interviews help to assess the candidate’s motivation and commitment to the job and the organization. The interviewer can ask questions related to the candidate’s career goals, their reasons for applying to the organization, and their understanding of the company’s mission and values.

  5. To make informed hiring decisions: Interviews provide a comprehensive picture of the candidate’s skills, knowledge, experience, and personality. This information helps the interviewer make an informed hiring decision, based on the candidate’s overall suitability for the job and the organization’s requirements.

Sample PSUs Interview Questions

Here are a few sample questions for aspirants to prepare and practice in order to build confidence before the interview round. Candidates can expect similar questions in the interview session for PSU recruitment

  1. Can we buy happiness with money? 
  2. Govt should have some restrictions on media or Not? 
  3. Explain the RLC filter.
  4. Explain the speed control of the induction motor.
  5. Explain the transients that occur in the power system.
  6. Explain the working of the fan regulator.
  7. Explain the working of a synchronous generator.
  8. Explain the working of tunnel diodes.
  9. For what value of the ratio arms ratio gives maximum Wheatstone bridge sensitivity?
  10. Give an example of dependent & independent sources.
  11. How is a circuit said to be linear?
  12. How does a diesel engine work?
  13. How does a railway collision device work?
  14. How is the bourdon tube used to measure pressure?
  15. How do you check the conductivity of gases?
  16. How do you define resistance & resistivity?
  17. How do you design an anti-theft car system?
  18. How do you select base values in the per-unit calculation?
  19. How does a motor drive sometimes cause the failure of motor windings?
  20. How does the microwave work?


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