GATE 2023 Foundation Daily Quiz Plan For Mechanical Engineering

By Mona Kumari|Updated : June 20th, 2022
Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an examination that is conducted for Masters's admission in Masters in Technology (MTech), and direct PhD programs at Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs) and other institutes/universities across India. GATE is an All-India level examination that is conducted across eight zones across the country by the GATE Committee which comprises faculty members from IISc, Bangalore, and other seven IIT’s so it has its own competition level therefore we at BYJU'S Exam Prep have brought a Daily quiz plan which will help you to ace your preparation for GATE 2023. Students can start taking quiz tests from the BYJU'S Exam Prep app through this study plan.

How Quiz plan helps students 

  • To crack GATE and secure a good rank, it is important for you to work on your weak areas and give mock tests daily to help you know your weak areas/topics that you need to work on.

  • Once you have completed your syllabus, you must practice GATE previous question papers regularly to know the significant topics in the entire syllabus.

  • The GATE QUIZ Plan helps you to analyze the answers and understand more about the topics that you have to prepare for clearing the entrance exam.

  • With the help of GATE, you may know your proficiency in solving the questions, your speed, accuracy, and time management skills.

  • The GATE QUIZ Plan gives you confidence and enhances your examination temperament.

  • With the help of these questions, you can prepare an objective and efficient study plan for yourself.

The schedule of the Foundation Quiz Plan For GATE 2023 MECHANICAL is as given below, Candidates can save this article as it will be updated regularly.

DateSubject nameTopicQUIZ
18-April-2022Fluid Mechanics & MachineryFluid Properties Attempt Now
19 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Pressure and Manometry Attempt Now
20 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Hydrostatic Forces Attempt Now
21 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Buoyancy & FloatationAttempt Now 
22 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Fluid KinematicsAttempt Now 
23 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery A combination of all topics coveredAttempt Now 
25 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Ideal Flow & Its ApplicationsAttempt Now 
 26 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & MachineryLaminar Flow & Turbulent Flow Attempt Now 
 27 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & MachineryLosses Through Pipe & Compounding Attempt Now 
28 April 2022 Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Boundary-Layer Theory & Drag and Lift Attempt Now 
 29 April 2022Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Dimensional and Model Analysis  Attempt Now
30 April 2022  Fluid Mechanics & Machinery A combination of all topics coveredAttempt Now 
2 May 2022  Fluid Mechanics & MachineryHydraulic Machines Attempt Now 
 3 May 2022 Strength of MaterialsStress & Strain Attempt Now 
4 May 2022  Strength of Materials Shear Force & Bending Moment DiagramAttempt Now 
 5 May 2022 Strength of MaterialsBending Stresses in Beams Attempt Now 
6 May 2022  Strength of Materials Shear Stresses in Beams Attempt Now
7 May 2022  Strength of MaterialsA combination of all topics covered Attempt Now 
9 May 2022  Strength of MaterialsTorsional Shear Stresses Attempt Now 
10 May 2022  Strength of MaterialsDeflection of Beams Attempt Now 
11 May 2022  Strength of MaterialsPrincipal Stresses and Strains Attempt Now 
12 May 2022  Strength of MaterialsThin and Thick Shells Attempt Now 
13 May 2022  Strength of Materials Column and StrutsAttempt Now 
14 May 2022  Strength of MaterialsCombination of all topics covered Attempt Now 
16 May 2022  Strength of MaterialsTesting of Materials   Attempt Now
17 May 2022  Strength of Materials Thermal Stresses Attempt Now
18 May 2022 Theory of Machines & VibrationsTheory of Machines & Vibrations Attempt Now 
19 May 2022 Theory of Machines & VibrationsVelocity and Acceleration Analysis Attempt Now 
 20 May 2022 Theory of Machines & VibrationsGear and Gear Trains Attempt Now 
21 May 2022  Theory of Machines & VibrationsCombination of all topics covered Attempt Now 
23 May 2022 Theory of Machines & Vibrations  Kinematic and Dynamic AnalysisAttempt Now 
24 MAy 2022 Theory of Machines & Vibrations Flywheel Attempt Now 
25 MAy 2022  Theory of Machines & Vibrations GovernorsAttempt Now 
26 MAy 2022  Theory of Machines & Vibrations BalancingAttempt Now 
27 May 2022Theory of Machines & VibrationsVibrationAttempt Now 
28 May 2022Theory of Machines & VibrationsCombination of all topics coveredAttempt Now 
30 May 2022Theory of Machines & VibrationsGyroscopeAttempt Now 
31 May 2022Theory of Machines & VibrationsCams and FollowersAttempt Now 
1 June 2022 Refrigeration & Air ConditioningReverse Carnot Cycle Attempt Now 
2 June 2022 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Various Refrigeration SystemAttempt Now 
3 June 2022  Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Air Refrigeration CycleAttempt Now 
4 June 2022Refrigeration & Air ConditioningCombination of all topics coveredAttempt Now
6 June 2022Refrigeration & Air ConditioningRefrigerantsAttempt Now
7 June 2022Refrigeration & Air ConditioningPsychrometry & Air ConditioningAttempt Now
8 June 2022ThermodynamicsBasics and Zeroth Law of ThermodynamicsAttempt Now
9 June 2022ThermodynamicsFirst Law of ThermodynamicsAttempt Now
10 June 2022ThermodynamicsSecond Law of ThermodynamicsAttempt Now
11 June 2022ThermodynamicsCombination of all topics coveredAttempt Now
13 June 2022ThermodynamicsEntropyAttempt Now
14 June 2022ThermodynamicsAvailable Energy & IrreversibilityAttempt Now
15 June 2022ThermodynamicsProperties of Pure SubstancesAttempt Now
16 June 2022ThermodynamicsBehaviour of ideal & Real Gas & Gas MixturesAttempt Now
17 June 2022ThermodynamicsThermodynamic RelationsAttempt Now
18 June 2022ThermodynamicsCombination of all topics coveredAttempt Now
20 June 2022Heat TransferConductionAttempt Now
21 June 2022Heat TransferFins Attempt Now
22 June 2022Heat TransferUnsteady State Conduction Attempt Now
23 June 2022Heat TransferHeat Exchanger Attempt Now
24 June 2022Heat TransferRadiation  Attempt Now
25 June 2022 Heat Transfer Combination of all topics coveredAttempt Now
27 June 2022Industrial Engineering  Free & Forced ConvectionAttempt Now
28 June 2022 Industrial EngineeringLinear Programming Problem Attempt Now
29 June 2022  Industrial EngineeringTransportation & Assignment problem Attempt Now
30 June 2022 Industrial Engineering  Queuing theoryAttempt Now
1 July 2022Industrial EngineeringInventory controlAttempt Now
2 July 2022Industrial EngineeringCombination of all topics coveredAttempt Now
4 July 2022Industrial EngineeringForecastingAttempt Now
5 July 2022Industrial EngineeringSequencing, scheduling and line balancingAttempt Now
6 July 2022Industrial EngineeringAggregate Production Planning & MRPAttempt Now
7 July 2022Industrial EngineeringPERT/CPMAttempt Now
8 July 2022Manufacturing & Engineering materialsMetal CuttingAttempt Now
9 July 2022Manufacturing & Engineering materialsCombination of all topics coveredAttempt Now
11 July 2022Manufacturing & Engineering materialsSheet MetalAttempt Now
12 July 2022Manufacturing & Engineering materialsCastingAttempt Now
13 July 2022Manufacturing & Engineering materialsSpecial Casting ProcessesAttempt Now
14 July 2022Manufacturing & Engineering materialsMetal formingAttempt Now
15 July 2022Manufacturing & Engineering materialsMachine toolsAttempt Now

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  • Benefits of the GATE ME Foundation Quiz Plan:

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  • The GATE ME paper comprises a total of 65 questions, according to the GATE exam pattern.

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