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GATE 2023 || Heat Transfer || Quiz 51

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Question 1

The rate equation used to describe the mechanism of convection when the solid surface is cooled by fluid is prescribed by

Question 2

The local heat transfer coefficient ( in W/m2K ) at a point is given as . The average heat transfer coefficient for a length of 8 m is :

Question 3

For fully developed flow through a pipe, the wall temperature is maintained at 500°C. If the fluid has thermal conductivity of 0.12 W/m-K and diameter of pipe is 15 cm, then the heat transfer coefficient (in W/m2K) will be _____.

Question 4

The average Nusselt number in turbulent natural convection from a vertical wall at 290 °C with still air at 20 °C is found to be 48. If the wall temperature become 30 °C, all other parameters remaining same, the average Nusselt number will be

Question 5

Air at a temperature of T flows over a flat plate with a free stream velocity of U. The plate is maintained at a constant temperature of TW. Temperature,T of air at any location is given by,
Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\08_Heat-Transfer_BLok_files\image034.png
Where y is the distance measured from the plate along its normal,
and δ  and δt are the hydrodynamic and thermal boundary layer thickness, respectively.
If the free stream temperature is 50°C and plate temperature is 200°C & the other properties of the fluid at mean temperature is given 

and hydrodynamic boundary layer thickness (δ )= 0.5 mm

Then, the value of heat transfer coefficient?

Question 6

In an experiment, the local heat transfer over a flat plate were correlated in the form of local Nussult number as expressed by the following correlation.
Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\08_Heat-Transfer_BLok_files\image076.png
The ratio of the average convection heat transfer coefficient (Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\08_Heat-Transfer_BLok_files\image077.png) over the entire plate length to the local convection heat transfer convection heat transfer coefficient (hx) at x=L is ____________.
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