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GATE 2023 || Theory of Machines & Vibrations || Quiz 32

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Question 1

A high value of pressure angle is not desirable for a cam for which of the following reason_____?

Question 2

In a circular are cam with a roller follower, acceleration of the follower depends on
1) cam speed and location of centre of circular arc
2) roller diameter and radius of circular arc
Which of the above is/are correct?

Question 3

Why offset is provided for a cam follower mechanism _________?

Question 4

In a cam-follower mechanism the follower needs to rise through 25 mm during 60o of cam rotation, the first 30o with constant acceleation and then retardation of equal magnitude for next 30o. The cam rotates at uniform speed of 600 rpm. Find acceleation of follower during rise period.

Question 5

In a cam design, the rise motion is given by a simple harmonic motion (SHM) where h is total rise, θ is camshaft angle, β is the total angle of the rise interval. The jerk is given by

Question 6

The equation of velocity of follower which is starting from rest and have a constant acceleration is given by:
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