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GATE 2023 || Industrial Engineering || Evaluation Quiz 11

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Question 1

In a manufacturing plant, the production rate is 200 items per day and the demand rate is 100 items per day. The setup cost is Rs. 25 per setup and handling cost is Rs. 0.01 per unit per day. If shortages are not allowed, then the minimum total cost for one run is:

Question 2

The lead time is defined as____.

Question 3

In the notation (a/b/c): (d/e/f) for summarizing the characteristics of queuing situation, the letters b and ‘d' stand respectively for

Question 4

A single bay car wash with a Poisson arrival rate and exponential service time has cars arriving at an average rate of 10 min apart and an average service time of 4 min. What is the system utilization factor?

Question 5

Two models, P and Q, of a product earn profits of Rs. 100 and Rs. 80 per piece, respectively. Production times for P and Q are 5 hours and 3 hours, respectively, while the total production time available is 150 hours. For a total batch size of 40, to maximize profit, the number of units of P to be produced is ____________.

Question 6

Four technicians are requested to perform four different jobs whose time are given in the table below in hour. Assign the job to the technician such that the total work work is minimum. Find the total minimum work time in hour.

Question 7

A booking office is managed by a single person. Customers arrive at a rate of 30 per hour. The service rate follows exponential distribution with a mean of 75 seconds. The expected (mean) waiting time of a customer in the queue (in seconds) is ____________.

Question 8

Maximize Z = 5x1 + 6x2

Subject to

x1 + x2< 10

x1 – x2> 3

5x1 + 4x2< 35

x1 , x2> 0

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