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GATE 2023 || Theory of Machines & Vibrations || Quiz 30

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Question 1

A system in which amplitude of vibration decreases exponentially over the time, such system is an example of________.

Question 2

A vertical cantilever shaft having 50 mm diameter and length of 300 mm has a disc of mass 100 kg at its free end. The Young’s modulus for the shaft material is 200 GN/m2. Calculate the natural longitudinal frequency in Hz.

Question 3

Calculate critical damping coefficient ________ (in N-s/m) from the following data: mass = 10 kg Natural frequency: ωn = 40 rad/s.

Question 4

What is the ratio of applied force frequency to undamped natural frequency is undamped foundation transmits 1/3rd of applied force.

Question 5

A solid sphere of mass m and radius R is connected by a spring of modulus k as shown in figure. If it is free to roll on the rough horizontal surface without slipping. What will be the natural frequency?

Question 6

In vibration isolation if ω/ωn is less than  then the transmissibility will be
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