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GATE 2023 || Industrial Engineering || Quiz 56

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Question 1

For a canteen, the actual demand for disposable cups was 500 units in January and 600 units in February. The forecast for the month of January was 400 units. The forecast for the month of March considering smoothing coefficient as 0.75 is _________

Question 2

The demand the forecasting data for the four month is given below find the forecasting for the fifth months using 3 months time average method

Question 3

For newly opened industry, smoothing constant should be

Question 4

The Demand forecast and the actual demand of an organization is provided. Determine the values of mean absolute deviation.

Question 5

In a forecasting model, at the end of period 13, the forecasted value for period 14 is 75. Actual value in the periods 14 to 16 are constant at 100. If the assumed simple exponential smoothing parameter is 0.5, then BIAS at the end of period 16 is

Question 6

According to a forecasting model, the forecast for the month of March was determined to be 12800. If the demand and forecast for the month of February are in the ratio 7:5. What will be the value of the smoothing constant if a simple exponential smoothing technique is utilized for this analysis? Use
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