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GATE 2023 || Theory of Machines & Vibrations || Quiz 27

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Question 1

Which is correct in case of flywheel?

Question 2

A flywheel of moment of inertia 9.8 kg m2 fluctuates by 30 rpm, if the fluctuation in the speed is not to exceed ±3%, Then the mean angular speed of the flywheel is. Take ∆E = 3 kJ

Question 3

The engine develops power of 400kW at 80rpm, if the fluctuation of speed is 0.02. The speed range varies from 50 rad/s to ω2 rad/s. Determine the value of ω2

Question 4

A flywheel of moment of inertia 9.8 kg m2 fluctuates by 30 rpm find the fluctuation in energy, if the mean angular speed of the flywheel is 82.66 rad/s.

Question 5Multiple Correct Options

A riveting machine absorbs 16 kN-m of energy for a riveting operation. actual time to complete one riveting operation is 1.8 seconds. Speed of flywheel before and immediately after the riveting operation is 380 RPM and 320 RPM. If mass of the flywheel is 200 kg with radius of gyration of 500 mm. which of the options is/are correct______?

Question 6

A single cylinder double acting steam engine works at a mean speed of 10 rad/s. The maximum fluctuation of energy of the flywheel is 12 kJ. If the mean diameter of the flywheel rim is 2 m and the hub and spokes provide 10% of the rotational inertia of the flywheel is then the cross sectional area of the flywheel rim in m2 is (assume the density of flywheel material is 6000 kg/m3 and coefficient of fluctuation of speed is 0.03)
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