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GATE 2023 || Heat Transfer || Quiz 49

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Question 1

For counter flow heat exchanger with  = 1,

effectiveness is given by ;

Question 2

The fouling factor in heat exchanger is defined as

Question 3

Which expression is correct for the effectiveness of heat exchanger

Question 4

A counter flow Heat Exchanger has Hot fluid inlet and outlet temperatures as 150and 110 & cold fluid inlet and outlet temperatures as 30 and 70. Find the rate of heat transfer if area is 70 m2, and overall heat transfer coefficient of 400 W/m2.

Question 5

In a counter flow heat exchanger, water enters at 25 °C with mass flow rate of 1200 kg/hr and leaves the condenser at 65 °C, the hot oil enters at temperature of 90 °C with flow rate of 600 kg/hr and specific heat of 8kJ/kg K. Find the LMTD for the counter flow heat exchanger.

Question 6

In a counter flow heat exchanger with effectiveness of 0.75, the properties are flow rate are such that the both fluids have thermal capacity equal to 1000 W/°C. What will be the area of heat exchanger required, if the heat transfer coefficient is 100 W/m2.°C __________?
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