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GATE 2023 || Industrial Engineering || Quiz 58

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Question 1

A machine is used for turning operation and it takes 30 minutes to machine the component. Efficiency of the machine is 80% and scrap is 25%. The desired output is 1200 pieces per week. Considering 40 hours per week and 50 weeks in a year. The number of machine required in a year______.

Question 2

Which of the following is not an input for material requirement planning?

Question 3

Match the following:

Question 4

Number of containers or Kanban required can be given by formula as:


D = demand rate, T = Production or conveyance time

X = Safety factor, C = Container capacity

Question 5

In a JIT system, demand for a particular product is 2000 units/day. The safety stock is 15% of authorized inventory. The product spends 0.06 day in handling and 0.04 day in processing. How many containers are to be authorized __________, if one can contains 10 parts.

Question 6

In order to produce one unit of product X, a manufacturer requires 2 units of P and 4 units of Q. For making Q, 2 units of R and 5 units of S are required.

Based on the given information, calculate the net requirement of S _________, for which manufacturer should place an order in-order to produce 1000 units of product X.

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