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GATE 2023 || Theory of Machines & Vibrations || Quiz 29

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Question 1

In a multi-cylinder in-line internal combustion engine, even number of cylinders is chosen so that

Question 2

A slider-crank mechanism, crank length 15 cm rotates with speed of 215 rpm with piston mass 12 kg. A mass of 5 kg attached at crank end to balance primary force but still unbalanced force of 300 N exists when crank rotates by

Question 3

In order to have complete balance of several revolving masses mounted in different planes and different angular position over a shaft

Question 4

A single cylinder, four- stroke IC engine rotating at 900 rpm has crank length of 50 mm and a connecting rod length of 200 mm. If the effective reciprocating mass of the engine is 1.2 kg, what is the approximate magnitude of the maximum shaking force’ created by the engine

Question 5

In case of partial balancing of single cylinder reciprocating engine, what is the primary disturbing force along the line of stroke?

Where, c = Fraction of reciprocating mass to be balanced;
= Angular velocity of crankshaft; = Crank angle

Question 6

A mass m1 attached to a shaft at radius r1, rotating with angular velocity ω rad/s, can be balanced by another single mass m2 which is attached to the opposite side of the shaft at radius r2, in the same plane, if
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