ESE 2022 Achievers 90 days Study Plan for Mechanical Engineering

By Himanshu Bajpai|Updated : July 13th, 2021

UPSC has released the notification for Engineering Services Examination (ESE) 2022 on the 4th week of September 2021. ESE Exam 2022 provides an opportunity to Engineering graduates all over the country to work as Class -1 officers under the government of India and be designated in public sectors such as Power Engineering, Telecommunications, Central Water engineering, Defense service of Engineers, Central Engineering Service, etc. for the position of Assistant Engineers / Assistant Directors. so we have come up with a 90 days study plan to ace your ESE 2022 Preparation

In this article, we are providing an effective and result-oriented 90 days study plan for ESE 2022 Mechanical Engineering. This daily updated study plan covers the full ESE 2022 Syllabus for Mechanical Engineering Branch along with the topic-wise study notes, full subject Revision quiz, and daily quiz for Technical and Non - Technical subjects practice.

The Benefits of ESE 2021 Mechanical Study Plan 2022

  • This will help you to revise all the important concepts through questions on the daily basis as per the requirement of the ESE exam for the Mechanical branch.
  • The important formula and concept are covered in the notes for every topic as per the exam pattern of Mechanical engineering ESE exam 2022, this will help you to revise the concept and formula.
  • This will help to increase your confidence, covering all-around preparation for the exam BYJU'S Exam Prep always come with these plans to ace your preparation for exams.

UPSC ESE Mechanical Engineering Study Plan 2022 (Daily Updated)




 Study notes     Quiz   Date
1Fluid Properties Attempt Here12-April-2021
 Attempt Here
3Fluid Kinematics Attempt Here14-April-2021
 Attempt Here
Attempt Here

Boundary-Layer Theory


Forces on a submerged surface

Attempt Here17-April-2021
7Dimensional AnalysisAttempt Here18-April-2021
8Hydraulic Turbines and Hydro MachinesAttempt Here19-April-2021
9Basic Concepts & Zeroth Law of ThermodynamicsAttempt Here20-April-2021
10First Law of ThermodynamicsAttempt Here21-April-2021
11Second Law of ThermodynamicsAttempt Here22-April-2021
Attempt Here
13Properties of Pure SubstancesAttempt Here
14Thermodynamics Relations & real Gas MixturesAttempt Here25-April-2021
Refrigeration &
Air conditioning
15Various Refrigeration System & RefrigerantAttempt Here26-April-2021
16Gas Refrigeration Attempt Here27-April-2021
17Psychrometry & Air conditioningAttempt Here


IC Engines
18Various Air standard cyclesAttempt Here29-April-2021
19Performance paramter of IC Engine Attempt Here30-April-2021
20Combustion in SI & CI Engine Attempt Here01-May-2021
21Fuel Emission Attempt Here02-May-2021
Power Plant
22Rankine CycleAttempt Here03-May-2021
23Gas Turbine Attempt Here04-May-2021
24CompressorsAttempt Here05-May-2021
25Steam TurbinesAttempt Here06-May-2021
26Thermal Power Plant & its equipment Attempt Here07-May-2021
27Jet Propulsion Attempt Here08-May-2021


One Dimensional Heat Conduction

Resistance Concept in Heat Transfer


Attempt Here09-May-2021

Fins & Unsteady Conduction

Heat transfer Through Fins 

Unsteady Heat Transfer 

Attempt Here10-May-2021

Heat Exchangers

Attempt Here11-May-2021


Radiation Heat Transfer

View Factors 

Radiation Network Analysis


Attempt Here12-May-2021

Free and Forced Convection

Dimensionless Parameters in Free and Forced Convection

Free and Forced Convection


Attempt Here13-May-2021
33Boiling and CondensationAttempt Here14-May-2021
Manufacturing &
Industrial Engineering &
Maintenance Engineering
Metal Casting
Attempt Here15-May-2021
Attempt Here16-May-2021
36Metal cuttingAttempt Here17-May-2021
Attempt Here18-May-2021
38WeldingAttempt Here19-May-2021
39Metrology and InspectionAttempt Here20-May-2021
40Non-conventional Machining ProcessAttempt Here21-May-2021
41Computer Integrated ManufacturingAttempt Here22-May-2021
42Crystal Structure and Properties of Engineering MaterialsAttempt Here23-May-2021

Phase Diagram 

Attempt Here24-May-2021
44Linear ProgrammingAttempt Here25-May-2021
45Inventory ControlAttempt Here26-May-2021
46ForecastingAttempt Here27-May-2021
47PERT and CPMAttempt Here28-May-2021
48Queuing TheoryAttempt Here29-May-2021
49Transportation and AssignmentAttempt Here30-May-2021
50Production Planning & controlAttempt Here31-May-2021
51Failure concepts and characteristics-ReliabilityAttempt Here01-June-2021
52Wear and Debris AnalysisAttempt Here02-June-2021
53Equilibrium of ForcesAttempt Here03-June-2021
54Trusses and FramesAttempt Here04-June-2021
55Friction & Kinematics and Dynamics of Particles and Rigid BodiesAttemt Here05-June-2021
56Centroid and Centre of GravityAttempt Here06-June-2021
57Collisions & Virtual WorkAttempt Here07-June-2021
Strength of Materials
Attempt Here08-June-2021
59Principal Stresses and StrainsAttempt Here09-June-2021
60Shear Force and Bending Moment DiagramsAttempt Here10-June-2021
61TorsionAttempt Here11-June-2021
62Deflection of BeamsAttempt Here12-June-2021
63Combined, Bending and Shear StressesAttempt Here13-June-2021
64TorsionAttempt Here14-June-2021
65Deflection of BeamsAttempt Here15-June-2021
66Thin & Thick CylindersAttempt Here16-June-2021
67Buckling of columnAttempt Here17-June-2021
Machine Design
68Design For Static and Dynamic LoadingAttempt Here18-June-2021
69Failure TheoriesAttempt Here19-June-2021
70Bolted, Riveted, and Welded JointAttempt Here20-June-2021
71Brakes and ClutchesAttempt Here21-June-2021
72BearingsAttempt Here22-June-2021
73GearsAttempt Here23-June-2021

Springs & Shafts



Attempt Here24-June-2021
Theory of Machines
75Simple Mechanism and their InversionAttempt Here25-June-2021
76Velocity and Acceleration Analysis of Plane MechanismsAttempt Here26-June-2021
77Gears and Gear TrainsAttempt Here27-June-2021
78Flywheels and GovernorsAttempt Here28-June-2021
79Cams Attempt Here29-June-2021
80BalancingAttempt Here30-June-2021
Attempt Here1-July-2021
Renewable Sources
of Energy
82Solar EnergyAttempt Here02-July-2021
83Wind EnergyAttempt Here03-July-2021
84Tidal EnergyAttempt Here04-July-2021
85BiomassAttempt Here05-July-2021
86Fuel Cell Attempt Here06-July-2021
Mechatronics & Robotics87Control systems Attempt Here07-July-2021
88Microprocessor and Microcontroller Attempt Here08-July-2021
89Robotics Attempt Here09-July-2021
90Sensors and actuators  Attempt Here10-July-2021
ESE Full Revision Mock Test-1
 ESE Full Revision Mock Test-2
 ESE Full Revision Mock Test-3
ESE Full Revision Mock Test-4 
ESE Full Revision Mock Test-5
ESE Full Revision Mock Test-6
ESE Full Revision Mock Test-7

For the detailed schedule of the ESE Mechanical Engineering(ME) 2022 Achievers Study Plan, click here

ESE Mechanical Engineering(ME) 2022 ACHIEVERS Study Plan

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