CISF Salary 2023: Per Month, In-hand CISF Constable Salary, Job Profile

CISF Salary 2023: Per Month, In-hand CISF Constable Salary, Job Profile

ByAshwani Tyagi  |  Updated on: Feb 17, 2023
CISF Salary per month after the 7th pay commission is explained here. Candidates must check CISF Constable salary. Also, check CISF Head Constable Salary, allowances, job profile, and payslip here.

CISF Salary 2023 is decided by the Central Industrial Security Force as per the norms of the government. It is a motivation factor for all the candidates planning to appear for the exam. Candidates planning to participate in the exam must know the CISF Constable Salary as it is one of the major posts under this recruitment. Knowing the salary for CISF will enable candidates to envision their lifestyle after their selection.

Knowing the CISF Salary structure, pay slip, job profile, in-hand salary, etc. is crucial as it also allows candidates to decide their career goals. CISF Salary per month is set on Level 3 of the pay scale which is in the range of Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100. Apart from this, there are also various perks and benefits that are awarded to the selected candidates. Below, we have compiled all the details regarding the CISF Salary after the 7th Pay Commission to help candidates further learn about the compensation they will receive after qualifying for this exam.

CISF Salary 2023

CISF Salary is considered well-paying which allows selected candidates to maintain a decent standard of living. Hence, it is also the biggest motivation for many candidates who are preparing to crack the exam. CISF Constable salary is especially considered to be quite lucrative. This is because candidates who are selected for this esteemed post also receive various benefits and allowances in addition to the basic monthly salary.

According to the official notification, candidates who qualify for all the stages of the selection process will be paid CISF Salary per month based on pay matrix level 3, along with various perks and allowances as admissible to the Central Government employees. Read further to learn more about the extra benefits extended to the CISF Constable along with salary before applying for the exam.

CISF Constable Salary

CISF Salary for the post of Fireman/Constable is decided as per the 7th Pay Commission of the central government. The Constables or Firemen get a handsome salary for serving on the force, along with various benefits and perks allotted by the government. CISF Constable Salary is paid on Level 3 of the pay scale which equates to a sum of Rs. 21,700-Rs. 69,100, based on which the in-hand salary is also decided.

Candidates must note that CISF Constable is one of the most desired posts, which means that thousands of aspirants take this exam every year. Thus, candidates must know everything about it including its salary structure, pull up their socks, and start preparing for the upcoming exam with sincerity. Being aware of the CISF Salary will certainly prove to be a motivating factor that will help you prepare with full dedication.

CISF Salary Per Month

It is easy to get confused about the CISF Salary per month for the post of Constable. Hence, we have covered this common query as well. The minimum salary package or the in-hand salary is the same as the per month salary. Hence, the CISF Salary per month offered to a Constable is Rs 21,700. This means that the annual CISF Constable Salary is Rs. 3,00,000 per annum.

This is only the basic CISF Salary that doesn’t include the range of benefits and allowances to which the post of Constable/Fireman is entitled. CISF Fireman Salary is also similar and is considered lucrative. Learning about the CISF Salary per month can help candidates visualize the kind of life candidates can have if selected for the post.

CISF Salary Structure

CISF Salary structure varies from post to post, and each position is paid as per the categorization called “Level”. For instance, the pay matrix level on which CISF Head Constable Salary is decided is Level 4. Furthermore, besides the basic monthly pay, the CISF Salary also includes several benefits and allowances. Another factor is the location of the candidate's posting, based on which the salary also differs. Get the detailed CISF Salary structure for the position of Head Constable in the sections below.

CISF Salary Structure 2023

Pay Matrix Level

Level 3

Pay Matrix

Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100

CISF Grade Pay

Rs. 2000

Allowance Applicability


CISF Salary After 7th Pay Commission

The CISF Constable Salary after the 7th pay commission experienced a significant rise. As mentioned in the salary structure, various components were increased resulting in an overall improved salary. After its implementation, as a CISF Constable, you will be paid based on pay matrix level 3, i.e. Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100 per month.

CISF Salary Grade Pay

The grade pay on which CISF Constable Salary is decided is valued at Rs 2,400. Grade pay is a method in the compensation structure that defines the specific income any employee receives. The final CISF Salary is determined by multiplying the grade pay by a factor, and then the figure is added to the various allowances.

CISF Salary In Hand

Candidates often wonder what the basic monthly salary or CISF in-hand salary they will get apart from the other benefits. It is the amount that is credited to the accounts of the candidates at the end of the month, hence, knowing it is crucial. The CISF salary in hand for Constable/Fireman is Rs 21,700 per month under the 7th Pay Commission and Pay Band-1. But as mentioned above, the CISF Constable Salary is not the biggest appeal for the position.

Since every candidate aspires to grow in the hierarchy, you will be happy to know that there is a lot of scope for growth in the field, and there are better CISF ranks to which you can be promoted later. The promotion and growth are subject to the candidate's performance, skill set, and hard work.

CISF Salary After 5 Years

CISF Salary after 5 years can be increased substantially due to a few reasons. The Dearness Allowance (DA) is generally revised twice every year. Every six months, DA is increased, hence, a hike is expected in the salary due to this. Additionally, based on the performance, the government also has provisions for incentives and promotions that can lead to a 20-30% increase in CISF Salary.

CISF Constable Salary: Allowances and Benefits

Apart from an attractive salary, selected candidates also enjoy various CISF perks and allowances under the 7th Pay Commission salary structure. Keep reading to learn about the various allowances and benefits awarded along with the CISF Constable Salary. After the introduction of the 7th Pay Commission, the perks and allowances for the CISF Fireman Constable have increased. Candidates who will be appointed as Constables will be entitled to the following CISF perks and benefits as a part of their jobs.

  • Dearness Allowance: Dearness Allowance or DA is a varying amount that is increased as per the Indian government’s regulations. The DA acts as an extra amount apart from the basic CISF Constable salary. CISF Constables get DA of Rs. 6,727.
  • CISF Salary Allowance: This is a short list of CISF Payslip allowances added to every personal contribution to the CISF under the Indian government. This amount of credit varies as per the designation and tenure of service.
  • Ration Money: Authorities credit the Monthly expenditure of ration as per the Grade Pay of the CISF employee.
  • Transport Allowance: Since CISF constables need to travel all over India on an emergency call, their travel charges will be paid by the department along with the CISF Salary. They are eligible to get Rs. 4,716 (Level-3 / A1 Cities).
  • Special Duty Allowance: Authority pays extra for employees working in hard conditions and times like Elections or any agitations.
  • Children's Education Allowance: If the employee's children are still studying, their education expenditure will be taken care of by the department. CISF Constables can get Rs 2,250 per month per child, up to 2 children.
  • Non-Practising allowance for Medical Officers: Several Medical facilities and health benefits are given with full allowance credit.
  • Hardship/ Risk Allowance: Constables who work in sensitive and highly risky areas are provided with an extra allowance as per the conditions.
  • House Rent Allowance: HRA is a common allowance a government employee gets based on their basic CISF Constable salary. The amount of HRA that CISF Constables are applicable for is Rs. 5,859.
  • Dress Allowance.
  • Pension Benefits.
  • Gross Salary: Rs. 39,002.

CISF Salary Slip

The CISF salary slip mentions everything from the gross salary to the total deductions as well as how much the employee will make every month. Hence, referring to the detailed CISF payslip can give candidates a good idea about the salary structure and help them decide whether they wish to apply for the post. Take a look at the snippet of the CISF payslip provided below to understand the complete breakdown of the CISF Salary.


Candidates can also check the CISF Salary payslip in a PDF format given below. Candidates can click on the link below to download and view the CISF Constable Salary slip to understand the various components of the pay that a Constable receives.

CISF Salary Slip

CISF Constable Job Profile

Countless candidates aspire to work in the CISF job profile of their choice due to their prestigious nature. Although the CISF Salary is a huge appeal for many candidates, knowing and understanding the CISF Constable job role and responsibilities is important to know more about the direction your career will take after clearing the exam. After all, this is a high government position that includes many responsibilities and workloads. Hence, candidates have some responsibilities that are crucial to the CISF Constable job profile below.

  • The main responsibility of CISF Constable is to provide security to the Public Sector Undertakings or PSUs as well as other major infrastructure in the country.
  • Protecting Government infrastructure projects along with industrial units.
  • The security of the Delhi Metro is the responsibility of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

CISF Constable Growth & Promotion

A critical aspect of any job profile is whether there is any scope for growth and promotion in the future. Every aspirant wishes to climb the ladder of success and the hierarchy in their professional career. Along with the handsome CISF Constable salary, candidates will be happy to know that this post has a lot of scope for promotion and growth. However, they must work hard and prove they are worthy of promotions to get promoted quickly. Candidates can check the rank structure below, which will help them to give candidates a picture of the future as a CISF Constable.

Rank structure for CISF force at Group ‘A’ (Gazetted Rank Officers) level

Candidates can check the rank structure for CISF force at Group 'A' level below.

  • Director-General or DG.
  • Additional Director General or ADG.
  • Inspector General or IG.
  • Deputy Inspector General or DIG.
  • Additional Deputy Inspector General.
  • Commandant.
  • Deputy Commandant.
  • Assistant Commandant.

Enrolled Members or Non-Gazetted Ranks

Candidates can check the rank structure for Non-Gazetted level below.

  • Subedar Major.
  • Inspector.
  • Sub-Inspector.
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector.
  • Head Constable.
  • Constables.

CISF Salary FAQs

  • The CISF Salary ranges from Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100. However, the post also offers many additional perks and benefits that might be even more appealing to some candidates. Candidates must go through the list of allowances to get a better idea before applying for the CISF Exam for Constable and Head Constable positions.

  • CISF Salary per month is between Rs. 21,700 to Rs. 69,100. Candidates who are selected for the post of Constable receive CISF Salary per month in addition to various perks and benefits. The annual salary of CISF Constable can be up to Rs. 3,00,000 per annum.

  • Yes, CISF Constables are entitled to HRA or House Rent Allowance of Rs. 5,859 along with their monthly CISF Constable Salary. Based on their base CISF Constable Salary, government employees frequently receive the HRA. CISF Constables are eligible for HRA benefits at Rs. 5,859.

  • The CISF In hand Salary for the post of Constable is Rs 21,700 per month as per the 7th Pay Commission. Candidates must note that this is only the basic monthly salary at the beginning and does not include the various allowances that are awarded to CISF Constables.

  • The CISF Salary grade pay is Rs 2400. You can learn more about what grade pay is and how it applies to the salary of a government employee. It determines the salary for any government position and is a part of the CISF Salary structure. It is only after multiplying the grade pay by a certain factor that the total salary is calculated.

  • Yes, candidates can expect decent scope for promotion if they get selected for the CISF Constable position. Along with the handsome CISF Salary, candidates can expect promotions based on their performance at later stages.

  • CISF Constables are entitled to various allowances, like, HRA, DA, Transport Allowance, Pension benefits, Children's Education Allowance, Special Duty Allowance, Risk allowance and more. Hence, the CISF Salary is not the only attraction for the position of CISF Constable.

  • The annual package of CISF Constable Salary ranges between 3,00,000 per annum to 6,00,000 per annum. Candidates can learn about the detailed CISF salary structure and the various elements and allowances attached to it in our post. Candidates must also understand the role and responsibilities associated with a CISF Constable before applying for the position.

  • Candidates can find a CISF pay slip on the page above or click the direct link below to download the PDF. Viewing the CISF salary slip will provide candidates a better idea about the salary structure and the allowances included in it. Candidates can go through the perks and different elements of the salary by downloading the payslip provided here.

    CISF Salary Slip PDF

  • The initial CISF Salary for a Constable starts at Rs 21,700 per month and can go up to Rs 3,00,000 per annum. Although the starting CISF Salary can seem average, candidates must note that it comes with multiple allowances and perks. These additional perks can make the salary much more appealing.

  • The CISF Constable probation period is 2 years. During this period, selected candidates go through important training and learn various nuances about their jobs. After the probation period, CISF constables are selected for the post permanently.

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