RPF Constable Salary 2022: In Hand Salary, Pay Scale As Per 7th CPC

RPF Constable Salary 2022: In Hand Salary, Pay Scale As Per 7th CPC

ByNeha Uppal  |  Updated on: Jun 10, 2022
Get all the details on RPF Constable Salary 2022 including the pay scale and allowances. Also, find out RPF Constable Salary in-hand, promotions, career growth & other perks as per the 7th pay commission here.
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RPF Constable Salary is one of the key reasons for applying for the post of RPF Constable. But before you start preparing for any government exam, it is crucial to have sound knowledge of various aspects concerning that profile including its salary structure. For instance, a career as an RPF Constable can be incredibly exciting but you must be aware of the job profile, responsibilities and the RPF Constable Salary per month beforehand. Therefore, we have created this page to include detailed information about RPF Constable Salary 2022 & job profile to help you make an informed decision.
Although there are numerous advantages of applying for the RPF Constable profile, the salary structure is often a compelling reason for many candidates to register. Therefore, we have created this page to provide detailed information about the RPF Constable salary 2022 and help you decide whether you wish to apply for the position. Keep reading to learn about the handsome salary, progressive career growth and lucrative perks associated with this esteemed job. 

RPF Constable Salary 2022

The Railway Protection Force which is also known as RPF is a security force introduced by the Indian Railways. As the name suggests, this force is responsible for the protection of the railway passengers as well as property. Since the Indian Railway is one of the biggest employers in the country, thousands of vacancies are expected to be released across profiles.
Every year lakhs of aspiring candidates apply for the RPF Constable exam even though most will not be selected. Post the 7th pay commission, there has been a considerable increment in the RPF Constable Salary that has made it an even more attractive career option. Read further to know RPF Constable Salary 7th pay commission.

RPF Constable Salary Per Month

RPF Constable Salary varies according to the location the officer has been posted in. The average minimum salary begins from Rs 5,200 to Rs 21,700 along with grade pay of Rs 2000 per month. The average maximum salary for an RPF Constable is around Rs 26,000 to Rs 32,000 per month. Now, let’s understand the in-depth RPF Constable Salary per month.

The RPF Constable Salary structure depends on the area population of the cities. Different cities are classified as Class X, Y or Z according to their population.

  • Class X - Cities with a population of more than 50 lakh (Metropolis).
  • Class Y - Cities with a population between 5 and 50 lakh (Metropolis + other big cities)
  • Class Z -  Cities with a population under 5 lakh (villages + small cities).

Here’s an overview of the RPF Constable Salary 2022 according to the classification of the cities.

RPF Constable Salary Structure

Class X

Class Y

Class Z

Basic Pay

Rs 21, 700/-

Rs 21, 700/-

Rs 21, 700/-

House Rent Allowance

Rs 5208

(20% of Basic)

Rs 3472

(16% of Basic)

Rs 1734/-

(8% of Basic)

Dearness Allowance

(4% of Basic)

Rs 868/-

Rs 868/-

Rs 868/-

Transport Allowance

Rs 3600

Rs 3600

Rs 3600

RPF Constable Total Salary

Rs 31,270/-

Rs 29,636/-

Rs 27,902/

RPF Constable Salary In Hand

With various factors attached to the salary, it is easy to get confused and wonder what is the in-hand salary of an RPF Constable. Well, we have you covered in this scenario as well. Apart from the various allowances and additional perks, the basic RPF Constable Salary In Hand is Rs 21,700. 
Furthermore, even though the different classes have a unique salary structure, the RPF Salary remains the same. Hence, it doesn’t matter where the officer is posted and what the population of the city is, they will get the same basic pay. 

RPF Constable Salary and Allowances

However, this is not all! Besides getting RPF Constable In hand salary, it has a range of other benefits. A perk is a prerequisite or a non-wage benefit provided to the officer in addition to their monthly RPF Constable Salary. Hence, RPF officers are rewarded for their hard work through different allowances and perks such as:

  • Transport allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • Overnight shift allowance
  • Over time allowance
  • Ration allowance
  • Provident Fund
  • House rent (HRA) and transport allowance (TA) depend upon the officer’s basic RPF Salary which is determined by the city they are posted in.

RPF Constable Salary and Promotions

Another centre of attraction for the RPF Constable post is the growth and possible promotions that come with it. Not only does this job ensure utmost job security but it also promises promotions for officers for their dedicated service. 
Therefore, a candidate can expect a decent scope for career growth in the post of an RPF Constable. This also entails an increment in the RPF Constable Salary after your performance is analysed carefully. After RPF Constable Promotion, candidates will be promoted to a Head Constable and later to a Sub Inspector if their hard work and dedication are evident.

RPF Constable Pay Scale

RPF Constable pay scale is between Rs 5200 to Rs 20,200. Grade pay of Rs 2000 also comes along with it. Since the officers are divided into different classes, the salary differs from class to class. However, the average minimum pay scale remains the same and officers are entitled to many other wage benefits along with it.

RPF Constable Salary: Classification of Cities

As mentioned above, the salary structure differs from class to class. But how do you know which city falls under which class? Fret not! We have presented the classification of cities in the table below to help you out. So, let’s take a look.

States / Union Territories





Guwahati (UA)



Patna (UA)






Raipur (UA), Durg-Bhilai Nagar (UA),  







Jammu and Kashmir


Srinagar (UA), Jammu (UA)



Jamshedpur (UA), Ranchi (UA), Dhanbad (UA),  

Telangana/Andhra Pradesh

Hyderabad (UA)

Warangal (UA), Vijayawada (UA), Visakhapatnam (UA), Guntur



Khozhikode (UA), Thiruvananthapuram (UA), Kochi (UA)

Madhya Pradesh


Gwalior (UA), Jabalpur (UA), Indore (UA), Bhopal (UA)


Bengaluru (UA)

Belgaum (UA), Mysore (UA)

Hubli-Dharwad, Mangalore (UA), 



Cuttack (UA), Bhubaneswar (UA)



Jamnagar (UA), Ahmedabad (UA), Bhavnagar (UA), Rajkot (UA), Vadodara (UA), Surat (UA)



Amritsar (UA), Jalandhar (UA), Ludhiana



Pondicherry (UA)



Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur (UA), Kota (UA)


Greater Mumbai (UA)

Amravati, Kolhapur (UA), Aurangabad (UA), Nagpur (UA), Nashik (UA), Pune (UA), Solapur, Bhiwandi (UA)



Dehradun (UA)

West Bengal

Kolkata (UA)

Asansol (UA)

Uttar Pradesh


Moradabad, Agra (UA), Bareilly (UA), Lucknow (UA), Kanpur (UA), Meerut (UA), Ghaziabad*, Gorakhpur, Aligarh, Allahabad (UA), Varanasi (UA), Saharanpur

Tamil Nadu

Chennai (UA)

Salem (UA), Coimbatore (UA), Tiruchirappalli (UA), Tiruppur (UA), Madurai (UA)

Candidates must note that the cities that are not listed under the X and Y categories belong to the Class Z category. Also, this data is taken from the Census 2011.

RPF Constable Job Profile

Getting selected as an RPF Constable is a dream for many aspirants. But do you know what this job entails? Let’s find out. As you know, the job of an RPF Constable revolves around the protection of railway passengers. Read ahead to understand the RPF Constable Job Profile in detail:

  • Maintaining law and order and ensuring peace inside the railway premises.
  • Protecting the amenities and properties of the Indian Railways.
  • Providing protection to all the passengers travelling on the Indian rail.
  • Tracking issues and collecting data involving railway security.
  • Taking necessary action in case of any crime during the train journey.
  • Regularly patrolling the train during the journey to make sure no notorious activities take place.

Thus, to get selected as an RPF Constable and earn a handsome RPF Constable Salary 2022, a candidate must work extremely hard and display all the necessary skills required for the job. Furthermore, this is an extremely important role that helps maintain discipline and peace in the Indian Railways.

Thus, only the aspirants who are ready to handle a job which includes 24*7 work all year round should apply for the position.

RPF Constable Salary FAQs

  • Candidates applying for RPF Exam often get curious about its job profile and salary packages. The RPF Constable Salary differs on the basis of the cities the officers are posted in. The Staff Selection Commission has classified the cities into three categories: X, Y & Z and the total salary in these cities are Rs 31, 270, Rs 29, 636 and Rs 27, 902 respectively

  • Yes, there has been a considerable increase in the RPF Constable Salary since the 7th Pay Commission. The 7th Pay Commission led to the revision of salaries and allowances for government employees across different departments and profiles.

  • Apart from a handsome RPF Constable Salary that differs from class to class, an RPF Constable also enjoys numerous other perks. These perks are in addition to their basic monthly salary and include allowances like:

    • House rent allowance
    • Transport allowance
    • Night duty allowance
    • Ration allowance
    • Over time allowance
  • There are six cities that come under the Class X category and these cities are Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Greater Mumbai. The RPF Constable Salary structure for Class X cities is as follows:

    • Primary Salary - Rs 21,700
    • House Rent Allowance - Rs 5,208
    • Dearness allowance - Rs 868
    • Transport Allowance - Rs 3,600
    • Total Salary - Rs 31, 270
  • An RPF Constable receives a travel allowance of Rs 3600 along with the basic RPF Constable Salary. The travel allowance is fixed and doesn’t change according to the city the officer is posted in. Hence, all RPF Constables get the same amount of travel allowance in addition to their monthly salary.

  • The dearness allowance is a percentage of the primary salary that is added to the basic salaries of government employees. This allowance depends on the basic salary of the officer as well as their home rent. A candidate can expect a dearness allowance of Rs 868/- along with the primary RPF Salary. 

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